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 and it seems to prove that politics, religion and public posturing don't mean a hell of a lot...since it is rather equally divided between red and blue areas...

Where are America's least faithful cities?

Extra-marital affairs are more common in some cities than others, according to an annual report.
By Kristin Wong Wed 10:25 PM

For the second year in a row, Washington D.C. has been named the country's most infidelity-prone city.

AshleyMadison.com is a dating website for married people looking to cheat. "You only live once," is their motto, followed by, "have an affair." As you can imagine, the site is no stranger to criticism, and they've released another controversial report: their annual list of "Americas Least Faithful Cities." Based on user data collected on their site, they found that our nation's capital is indeed our country's least faithful city.

Washington D.C. had the highest number of AshleyMadison members per capita last year—with 34,157 new users. Apparently, Texans also have cheating on their minds. Austin and Houston came in second and third on the list.

"With enormous public attention paid to political cheating scandals this year, including the Gen. Petraeus affair, there was no doubt that Washington residents would be influenced," founder Noel Biderman said in a press release. "Living in D.C., it's crucial to keep up appearances and therefore adultery has become a way of life for many of the city's most powerful residents."

Biderman also found that the day after Valentine's Day is his site's busiest day of the year. In 2012, they had a 439 percent increase in membership sign-ups.

Top 10 Least Faithful Cities, according to AshleyMadison.com:

  1. Washington, D.C.
  2. Austin
  3. Houston
  4. Miami
  5. Oklahoma City, Okla.
  6. Richmond, Va.
  7. Boston
  8. Lincoln, Neb.
  9. Philadelphia
10. Phoenix, Az.

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Oklahoma City, Okla and Lincoln, Neb.  WTH?

My thoughts exactly.

don't forget houston and austin...and richmond etc...seems that particular itch transcends politics...

definately. Oklahoma City, Okla and Lincoln, Neb just dont come to mind as "hotbeds of sin" ( pun intended).

I didnt say " the Midwest is boring, mundane, and the residents are Puritans " Chief.

It just suprized me that they made the top 10 list for adultery when other citys for example- Los Vegas didnt. 

..ahh i see- okey dokey Deerest!

OMG.  Your new avatar is scary.  No joke.  Waaaaaaaah.

hahahaha.. my neice took a very bad photo of me with white eyes then my Deerest croped it...heeheehee

Good think I'm not involved in a relationship.....

I'm halfway between Washington DC and Richmond, VA. 

I'm very surprised Los Angeles isn't on that list. 

actually L A gets a bad rap cause of tabloid sensationalism...and if you figure out that nationally 50 per cent of marriages dissolve in divorce, it probably is not too much different there..i know some couples in LA that have celebrated 50 and 60 years of married life to the same partner. and couples in other places that didn't..it's just that they don't make it front page news nationally when cletus the mechanic and velma the beautican split the blankets versus movie actors or musicians or directors etc etc...

 let he who is without sin cast the first stone...

hey quit throwing those fricking rocks at me ok?

As much as I love Houston, i can vouch that this is a fact.....

oh i love watching houston...home of that sanctimonious car salesman joel osteen (how can you talk when you never stop that fucking ingratiating shiteating grin?)...and also home to tittybars and lapdances and neighborhood barbeques where you  get drunk and fondle the neighbor's s/o off in the bushes but show up for church all properlike on sunday...




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