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High school: Did you love it, like it, don't remember, hate it?

I was not happy in high school  I always felt like I was on the fringes of every crowd. I got good grades easily, but the social thing was very hard for me. For those like me who were late bloomers, it was like Janis Ian's song Seventeen.  Bleh!  Glad it's way far in the past.

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Since the kids I hung with in middle school (which we called Jr High back then) ended up going to a different high school, I pretty much hated it. I skipped days at my school and went to the other one half the time; I was supposedly my best friend's cousin from Indiana. LOL, schools were so different back then. We could actually have visitors attend with us.I did that a LOT! Until I got caught by my Mom when my principal called. That pretty much put the kibosh on my school skippin days.

It washorrible for as long as I stayed. All of my early school experience was a confusing nitemare. They did not no anything abuot LD's or dyslexia or dyscalcula 50 yaers ago. From kineygarden on I was punished and called lazy by both "educators" and my parents. Always fialing being a disapiontment being punished labled and visiously bullied.

I tuoght myself to reed at 10 because I wanted whatever majic books held so desperately.But by then I was so withdrawn that I very rarely spoke at all. I was silent for months at a time.

What hapened in school was part of the reason that I ran away from home at 13.

 Worlds and yaers later my college experence both times was very diferent. My results wer very, very diferent.

If yuo have a child with a LD in yuor life plaese help them.

Thank yuo for careing and helping these often very brite but visualy confused children Kathy.

High school was okay. I was in the fringe of the in crowd but not a full member. I was not sorry to graduate. College was an absolute blast, loved every minute of it and yes I graduated. I even went on to a masters and a PhD.

It was a good time for me, all the different groups accepted me, the geeky smart kids and the greasers as well as the soch crowd. I liked everyone although I was quiet and got good grades without trying very hard. My graduating class was only 91 strong we were from a small town. I belonged to a sorority not because I tried, my friends voted me in. We attended lots of sports, diving, wrestling, basketball and football. It was all for boys in those days no girls teams at all. It was a happy time in my life. I liked being busy having places to go seeing friends being part of the group.

good and bad .. like most people .. i had the long hair and played the guitar and hung out with the stoners but on the basketball court i played with the black guys cause they knew how to play and so did i .. in the lunchroom i'd sit with the stoners but sometimes i'd sit with the geeks just to see what they were thinkin .. and i'd hang with the jocks sometimes too .. maybe i had an identity crisis ?? nahh .. i was just what you'd call well rounded .. i did what i had to in school to pass but not much more but my test scores were always pretty good so they couldn't really fail me .. i cut classes a lot too .. school was just someplace i was supposed to go .. i was raised in the projects and i knew that school wasn't somethin that was gonna define me later on .. the shit you had to know you learned out on the street and school didn't really teach that .. 

I my family moved during my high school years, Dad was in the military home from a tour in Viet Nam and off we went to his next duty station which was Germany. I attended a DOD high school that had a boarding school, so I lived away from home during my last two years. Didn't have a lot of issues and felt free to pursue things I was interested in. My previous school was  really big with over 4,000 students and this one was small...seemed much more personal. There were only 90 students in my graduating class and I knew all of them....good relationships with my teachers too. Never really felt pressure to conform or rebel. I was interested in music and drama..made good grades and after graduation moved back to the states and started college. I was exposed to a lot of different people and different cultures so it was a big learning experience...I never missed TV or not being able to drive or the high school cliques...just a different phase of life.

It turns out I was popular in high school......that was news to me....but I've heard it from so many people since those days I'm starting to believe it's true. It was only an o.k. time to me. College was a different story....I was finally deflowrered and then deflowered again and again......that plus the drugs.......I didn't want to leave....but unfortunately the government eventually frowned on my lack of progress towards graduation.

I teach school...middle school...6th grade right now. it's a tough age, kinda trying to figure out the ins and outs of socializing and interacting with peers. Seems to me many children have needs that can't be met at school...they need something more... that they have missed within their family structure. I see the hurt and I can correct the outward behaviors but can't fix the other. There are alternatives now other than the usual traditional school environments.. School is the first place children interact separately from their family...impacts their lives tremendously...the factory wharehouse model of schools does such a diservice to lots of kids...they need a more nurturing environment...they get lost in the shuffle.

Basically, I hated school.  I was part of the so called "in" crowd but I really never felt like I fit in, I tended to prefer the less "in" crowd.  I spent a lot of time in high school grounded for what I saw as unfair expectations from my parents.  I hated bullying and always tried to intervene for the person being attacked.  I can honestly say that I was nice to everyone and that I know no one from my past could or would dispute that.  I did not like the "politics" of high school, I did not like the fact that classes were basically segregated according to grades, there was an "A" group, a "B-1" group, a "B-2" group,and a "C" group.  I was in the "A" group which pretty much guaranteed a certain level of popularity, I was also very athletic even though sports were not for girls.  We had intramurals but no really recognized games.  I know my parents never attended any athletic event that I was participating in...even then, football ruled.  I think high school was, for some reason, very painful and I honestly do not remember who I was back then.  I don't remember having conversations that were anywhere near as "deep" or informed as my kids have had during their high school years.  I cannot imagine taking the courses they had to take, I think the academic competition is so intense now that it really separates those who can from those who cannot or will not.  High school sucked.  College was fun but very demanding and I wanted the information that was taught to me there.

Me, either.  I was always the tallest girl in my class, and from the age of 12 I was far more "maturely" structured than the other girls my age.  I was always taken for older than I was.  I was always teased by the boys, and ignored by most girls.  I kept my eyes straight ahead and my nose in a book.  I had a small circle of other "misfits" that I hung out with, but I never dated any of the guys in my school.  I did, however, date a guy who attended our rival high school.  I met him through a mutual friend.  I had a crush on a guy in my school, but he never gave me a glance.  He was an upper classman.  I was pretty much "invisible" all through school.  I poured all my efforts into scholastics.   

No....I don't miss it at all. 

Wouldn't want to go back but I had fun in high school. Was in FFA (won the crown one year) and friends with pretty much everyone.  I guess I was  what you called the class clown.  I got to go on the trail rides  (Salt Grass trail) and ride in the grand entry for the Houston Rodeo.




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