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The dentist, weeding, cleaning, laundry, responsibility...? Need I go on?

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iF IT IS FAVORITE thing I am not avoiding it ;-)
Nina, that was good! lol
what to avoid....what to avoid....ummm...attacks on my fragile male ego by the evil elements of reality.
Grouchy people.
Yes, Darroll, negativity in all its forms...I'd rather clean the toilet than listen to someone complain.

In fact, now that I say it, that is a good escape line. "I know you'd love to have me stay and listen, but I must get home and clean my toilet."
lmao! Chez, from now on your toilet is going to be spotless. So many people love to complain, don't they? :)
A head-on collision.
Radar when I'm speeding.
Man eating lion.
I'm with Callipyge, dusting.
could be worse....could have to iron
Brainless consevatives




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