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I tend to go to the forum, also to my homepage to check for mail. There are usually 40-50 folks online, yet the forum discussions seem always to be the same...once again, I'm missing something. What's everyone doing on this website?

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Oh, I'm not looking for any, just wondering where the aroma is coming from. ;)
I want some weed. Please send me a joint or 2.
Joints overloaded with crabgrass are on its way!
What's your address?
I'm full. I ate too much.
I blame everyone here and everywhere on earth.

I'm here for the sofa in front of the laptop in front of the TV.
One of my favorite spots.
Re-tuning my hailing frequencies.
Ooh, can I help?
I'm here to see the replies since I was last here.

It's better than Beatles bubble gum cards, and it costs less than the records!

Whoops. Time warp. Goofie movie on TCM with Leslie Caron from 1952... "Glory Alley."

We are all wayward Boxers!
Yipes. Another sordid discussion....fighters, briefs, underwear, dogs...
I'm upsairs , because downstairs is too cluttered with everyones stuff
Bubble Gum. The cheapest gas station is selling Bazooka for a nickel a piece at the counter. Keep getting a couple when I go in. Hmmmm. From fighters to briefs to undies to dogs. I'm in a strange mood tonight. Too many hours at work.
I'm just treading water.




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