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I tend to go to the forum, also to my homepage to check for mail. There are usually 40-50 folks online, yet the forum discussions seem always to be the same...once again, I'm missing something. What's everyone doing on this website?

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I am here because TBD is on my computer's moniter.
Less and less. I usually get on, look at my three groups, and then log off. Like my significent other, in and out in no time.
Nothing...that's my story and I'm sticking to it. (Not hard to believe eh?)
Working off my community dis-service.
I'm just here looking for new and creative ways to break things . . .

Say, didja hear that UVM is accepting proposals for new research? They possibly include things like research into narrative theory . . .

Somehow I'm convinced it's just another expression for the exploration, manipulation, and exploitation, of internal conflict. And I don't think it matters if it's conflict inside your psyche, or inside a group dynamic of interaction. What matters is a thing called utility . . .

Someone once said it all came under the heading United States Ecological Survey . . . as in how many U.S.E.S. do you have . . .

but I dunno . . . I think someone should be shot . . .
Waiting for the bashful people to post some whit.

I need some help. Last night I transplanted our only house plant.
I need someone to mumble something, so that thing won’t die.
If it dies, I’m in trouble and I don’t have a green thumb.
Can someone put a good hex on it?.
My first two days I went through every picture on here and introduced myself to interesting people. If they replied and made some effort, I usually strike up a discussion via messaging. People seem pretty established in the friend groupings.
But I'm always hopeful!
Of course, if you got to know each other on the conversation threads, that wouldn't be much of an issue.
I like goofing off at forum, q & a and moosies crossing.
I'm here to make sure ^ those two delinquents don't cause too much trouble for the rest of you.
What is the question again?




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