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I tend to go to the forum, also to my homepage to check for mail. There are usually 40-50 folks online, yet the forum discussions seem always to be the same...once again, I'm missing something. What's everyone doing on this website?

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OK. I'll bite. What kind of investment?
Its the only site I haven't been asked to leave.
I have been asked to leave--but nobody show me where the exit door is located!!
Nobody would ask you to leave!
I must have followed you, because thats almost exactly what happened to me.
Yeah, but B, it did get pretty vicious at times....
I'm still here just being me. Hanging out in the Q&A, popping into Moosies Lodge,All Drift and a few other places. Started the Lavender Lounge back up here at Ning from TBD1. Really, just enjoying many of the same people that I respected and spent time with at TBD1. I have made new friends along the way and perhaps some "friends" have gone by the wayside, but what TBD meant to me then, still holds true now. A community that I love to be a member of :-)
Trying to improve my cash flow or find pictures of women in skintight leather at Iron Maiden concerts.
It sure beats vacuuming and laundry.
I don't know. But, if I find women in skin tight leather vacuming and doing laundry, I'll be back.
How 'bout women in skin tight leather watching you vacuum?




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