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What would you like to talk about? Sex, The President, the economy, Crimean Congo Hemorrhagic Fever,  tics, taxes, forclosures, photo voltaic cell technology? There are several thousand of you signed up here, and,well wouldnt y'all sometimes like to have a discussion, outside of 'playing geography', or other word games?

Why are you here? What are you looking for, as a member of this group? No opinion to great, too small.

I'm here because I liked having  discussions with people on topics ranging from serious to absurd. I guess that includes hoping to find friends and chatting with interesting individuals who can open my mind to new points of view.

Or is the join button something you happened to click when the boss was coming by, gettin ready to catch you playing pacman?

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My esoteric interests-- metaphysics, Rosicrucian Order (secret society), hula, ghost hunting, chakras, alternative medicine, Large Hadron Collider, String Theory, World Festivals, ethnic literature, historical romances, web designing, Art, etc. etc.
Find out what all those big words mean.
Cows and kolaches!
history, politics, baseball, basketball, golf, travel, wierd things, UFO's, Science Fiction, ladies, and some other stuff.
My brothers into UFO's, but he's a nut. My friend Scotty, however, is not a nut and she saw a UFO once. Nobody ever believed her though...except me.
I want to talk about religion. Religions are shooting themselves in the foot. Some groups want to strap themselves with explosives and blow you away.
Other religions say you are going straight to hell for not going to their church.
Religion used to be about nice people practicing their faith now it’s about how much money you will give to your church (this is big business). Nasty people donate money to some religious group thinking they are buying their way to a nice afterlife.
Instead of these people saying that they are holier than thou, maybe they need to clean up their own backyard first.
I have been stomped on more by so called religious people than a bunch of party animals.
Don’t complain when they rip people that believe in God.
Like the king atheist said, “worship in the church of your choice” “and become a bigger fool that you are”
This is very true, jacquin. Everybody has their own path. For some, there is the stint through organized religion. And your right. Being an expert on sanity, I can tell you first hand. It makes your blood boil. Your friend, MotherSanity
Now were talkin' baby! I HATE religion. I'd rather have my head severed than belong to an organized religion! I agree with you completely.

Besides which, didnt Jesus come to set us free? What do we do with that freedom? Do we take the responsibility to seek God for our selves, or do we hand it over to a bunch of charletons called priests and ministers and churches. Ah! (spitting), its so frustrating. LIfe is so short. Do you really think that God spends his Sundays in church listening to a bunch of...people ...praying for themselves? Dear God, buy me a cadillac, dear god, cure my athletes foot. Dear god, get me together with that girl over there. Do you REALLY think that God gives a shit about any of that? How 'bout giving the poor guy a break and doing something for him, for a change? Start with sleepin' in on Sindays so he doesnt have to go to church and listen to all that whining. Geez.

As for those nuts that think God appreciates them blowing themselves and all around them into little pieces, think again! Fools. How many virgins they gonna get for that? I dont think so. God wants peace and harmony. And while it's true that governments do things to other nations which are deplorable (Israel, I used to be a supporter, now I am simply ashamed), people can change that. Sure I understand your a young man, lots of testosterone, no job, nothin to do but kick the stones about in the dust...cant even look at girls...Jihad starts to look pretty good. But unless you start thinking with your head and not your hormones, you'll be sadly disappointed to find that the only thing thats going to greet you in the afterlife is a dirt hole and a pile of stones. Simply stupid.

I would like to thank you darroll, for the opportunity to rant. Religion is my favorite subject.
Not to many things that I'm not interested in. Of course that means that I know a little about a lot and a lot about very little. You bring it up and I probably can discuss it. However, if it falls under the area of religion, politics, economics, freedom, philosophy or what is objectionable, we will probably disagree. Not because I want to argue. Instead, because I seem to reason and understand things dealing with human emotions differently than most.
I don't understand the Rosicrucians, or how people can believe the current religious ideas put forth by the Christians or the Moslims. I don't believe in Scientology either, but it makes more sense than the first two I just named. So, There. Bring it up and we'll discuss it. What I really love to think about and discuss is why humans behave as they do.
Hey Robbie, want to go get a beer?
Hey! Stillgoing! How come I'm not invited? But since you brought it up, I have a still. In the sun, the alcohol (which has the lower boiling point, or surface tension) collects on the bubble and slides down the funnel to a collection vessle. Works like a charm!

Why Do People Believe or Disbelieve?
an excellent read

Why do I believe? Belief enriches my life with meaning.
I also believe in metaphysics--attempting to understand that which goes beyond the physical, because I am more than certain that there are realms outside our sensory perceptions. I do not have a problem reconciling the dichotomy between religion and science simply because both entail the use of different faculties. Though cognition is the most powerful method for making sense of the world in which we live in, it is not the only method. I believe that intuition and imagination (faculties needed for religiosity) provide a functional means of adaptation in our human evolution. (read article for further explanation.)




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