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Besides being a consumer and paying taxes, have you gone above and beyond to help your community during this crisis?


I donated a CLEP study guide to our local library and some classic children's books that wound up in the permanent collection. The VFW was having a hard time raising enough money to send a few kids to college and I'm hoping that the CLEP study guide has helped fill the gap somewhat.

I made a decision after Roy passed away that I no longer wanted to drive and traded the car to the cab co for rides and payments. The owner of the cab co is a single mom working 3 jobs. They know the area really well and fill me in on whatever I need to know. Plus I don't have repair bills, insurance payments , snow plowing fees, worry over gas prices and I know that the community which only has one cab co and not enough jobs has a reliable vehicle. Hey , you never know making sure that the community has a decent cab service might have saved a few lives to boot.


My Dad always said; "Pitch in and help out."


Funny how a mentality can stick in your head.

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Very cool, I'm sure they apreciate that!
One guy keeps telling people in front of me "Nobody wants to hire a 59 year old unemployed guy." I keep telling him to quit calling me nobody. Some people now call me Mr. Nobody.
((((Mr Nobody))) Awesome , to lose money is one thing in life and that happens to just about everyone but to lose hope and dignity is to be truly impovershed.

I still buy groceries and Rx's.


I have a young fox family living under my house.
Apparently nothing since the latest broadcast...* big sigh*
I guess my point is that if we sit around waiting for Congress and the President to save our collective asses , basically ,, we're screwed.




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