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I guess the first step is to get off the bloody puter. For a few weeks there a quote from Mother Theresa helped me alot but now I'm stuck again, just a little I hope. Here's the quote that helped me.

"We cannot do great things, we can only do small things with great love."

Any thoughts on movitation?

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Any peticular tunes?
No. Not this week. I'm stuck. I'm utterly out of motivation. I have a ton of things that needs doing, and I keep crawling back into the bedroom and into bed to cuddle with this silly book I'm reading. How silly is the book? Heard of the "Twilight" series? Yup. The last one. Keep wishing I was a very rich Vampire. Am being totally useless and lazy and ineffectual and did I mention lazy? It's vaguely embarrassing.

So I'm going to monitor this thread closely for inspiring words of motivation. Or at the very least - funny bits. /;-D
VisualiZation, (If I can't properly spell it, I kin JAZZ it up abit) I mean why not. Great time for hibernation and you may come up with a whole new aproach for design in the spring. Design requires fantasy time and visions.
I can I can AND I can do big things with great love whilst lying in bed too! I can I can !!! /;->

I'm just cold. That's it - it's warmer in bed!!!Plus I'm really not feeling all that well - truth be told.
I turn on all the machines in the house. Washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, stove (for tea or coffee). If I feel like things are progressing, it clears my mind enough to decide what to do next. Good luck. And BTW Mother Theresa rocks.
Get my butt in gear and get moving. All this stuff will not get done on its own. I have to get it done or it will be twice as much when I am off next week. Work is easy compared with keeping this house up.
It's not hard to get me motivated.
My wife is watching Mexican hen parties (per her Spanish class) on the TV.
I went and did some yard work. Now I’m hiding back here.
I got out of bed this morning.
Aggie smile!
I am motivated by going outdoors to the shore or someplace scenic or learning something new. I am particularly motivated by my career as a teacher. I enjoy making lessons and interacting with students. I am NOT motivated by grading papers or tests.
Is the straight jacket for before or after you clean the floors?




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