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This has been an interesting day. The forum has seen the emergence of some serious discussions. We have one about the existance of god. Disguised as a question for atheists about the "Big Bang". One on Health care, and one on professional football. But nobody has said a word about the most important subject that happens in the months of Dec and Jan.
Yes!! I am talking about College Football and the BCS. Who will play for the national championship this year. Which teams will be in which bowls? Who do you think will play for the Championship? Who do you think is being shafted by the BCS? Who will win the Hiesman? Who will make All American? Who will win the Big East? Ok, so I'm a little prejudiced when it comes to the conferences. (:>) The biggest upset so far today was Syracuse beating Rutgers 31 zip. That doesn't make any sense at all. Did you see that WVU fans were voted as the rudest in college ball, but their stadium was voted as the stadium that was most liked to visit. That makes no sense. That's what I like about College ball, the unpredictability. Are there any other College fans out there. Come on let's hear it.

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Surprised? No more surprised than if you were pregnant.

(I wonder if I should start that rumor)
I'm feeling bad for moosie, gary and Jaylee. Ohio State just keeps putting it to Mich.
Larry, That's because an old woman in the mountains of West Virginia put a curse on Rodrigious, his minions, and all the other coaches that Mich stole from WVU. In basketball WVU now has an even better coach than the one Mich hired(bought) from WVU and we are expected to be in the hunt for the national BB championship.
Smart Woman. Yes! Most football related problems, questions, and strategic decisions can be solved by meditation.
AHH, Spoken like a true longhorn.
Two OSU's in the Rose Bowl
Will they wear the same color uniforms?
Not quite,the one that's already in is something like grey and crimson the one I hope to make it is Orange and Black
And yes Robbie I enjoy college football more an honest game Oh and if Boise beats Nevada this week they should be in a BCS bowl though I do think Nevada will win but it should be alot of fun Friday night maybe a 60-60 tie
You had me for the first few lines. Sorry Buddy!
good policy.
After Oklahoma State lost today I don't think there is a good excuse for keeping TCU and Boise State (if they win their last game and stay undefeated)out of a BCS bowl game.




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