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In Middle Tennessee we have had between 10 and 14 inches of rain in the last two days. This is the most rain to fall in that period since records have been kept. Even houses (actually a portable classroom from a nearby school) are floating down I24. This was last night, it is worse today.


Excuse the bad commercial for 15 seconds at the beginning.

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yes he does seem to be interested in helping people. I am sure he will have lots of water damaged vehicles for sale when all of this is over.
it just wont stop raining here !!
How sad to hear about another disaster area. I am so glad you are all right. I hope it will all soon return to order and get cleaned up quickly.
Yes we could send you about 8 or 9 inches if there was a way to do such things.
We had a similar situation at the end of March here in Southeastern CT and RI, good luck to you.
Stay dry, Buddy.
And all the good ole hillbillies.
Hope you and Caleb are staying high and dry!!!
I got hit w/a flash flood early this morning. I'm taking a break right now from ripping out the flooring in my kitchen & living room. This house had never flooded in its 42 years until last fall when we had record rains, right after I designed & had an apt. built in the lower level. I was displaced for 5 months; just moved back in a few weeks ago.
In my mind & heart I've been resisting a potential move to Chicago later this year, b/c of the cold. We'd be renting there. It's sounding very good to me right now. :-(
Wow! It really sucks to get hit twice in such a short time. I would give it a lot of thought before moving north though. Cold weather doesn't get easier as we get older.
Stay safe and dry pickle. This time too will pass.
Is it receding any yet? Good luck.
The Cumberland River crested last night and is now it is receeding very slowly leaving a huge mess.




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