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In Middle Tennessee we have had between 10 and 14 inches of rain in the last two days. This is the most rain to fall in that period since records have been kept. Even houses (actually a portable classroom from a nearby school) are floating down I24. This was last night, it is worse today.


Excuse the bad commercial for 15 seconds at the beginning.

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Hope you are high and dry
Good Luck to all
I am fine. We live on high ground.
Unreal pickle, glad you're ok.
Wow that is scary. I do watch the forcasts much more attentively now than I used to.
Eight are dead state wide, five of them in Nashville. Many more are injured and probably 1000's are homeless.
Yeh, I could just imagine one of those vehicles being my RV.
I'm hoping that the people all got out of those cars and trucks safely.
Stay dry , Pickle.
We're glad you're safe, man! I'm curious as to the extent of this flooding.
Is there a large body of water (lake/river) contributing to the flooding or
is it because of low lying/flatland(s) in the immediate area?
Most of the flooding as of yesterday was simply the fact that so much rain fell in such a short time and it just could not drain as fast as it was falling. This morning the Cumberland River is out of it banks and downtown Nashville is flooded. The historic Honky Tonk area is flooded. No place to go Honky Tonking right now.
Amen to that, sister!!!
Pick--As you know--I live in a State where the entire State was totally flooded about a month ago--and we are still in the process of recovering from that. So U know I am with you in heart and spirit. One thing that Nashville, and maybe even the entire State of Tennessee should have going for it is all of the multi millionaires, (Mainly because of the music business), available there--so hopefully there will be a good amount of money flowing into agencies like The Salvation Army to go towards the rescue and clean up efforts!
Also--I can personally tell you that FEMA and The National Guards are top notched trained in getting things done. If you get the people who were working here last month--things should start returning to some form of 'normalcy' within a couple of weeks.

The last update for the State of RI given this past Saturday was that recovery/repair efforts for this State are currently at %61 of what they need to be. It is slow coming, but we are getting there!
Glad to hear you are high and dry, Pickle.

I dunno, that guy buying cars in the ad seems very trustworthy....putting the needs of society above his own financial gain. LOL!




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