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Suck, Period. My daughter is going through one now and is so depressed.She's  seeing a therapist on friday, but, she has legitimate reasons to be despondant.

Whats the trick? Whats the best way to get over being inlove? Mother (could use some) Sanity

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I'm going to post a slightly different pov, here.

She's 16, for cyring out loud. Sixteen year-old girls are all drama queens and sixteen year-old boys have their heads up their orifices (orifi??) and usually are thinking with their little heads. At that age, kids don't even have a clue what a relationship actually is (and some don't ever find out). Everyhting, to them, is traumatic.

She Who Must Be Obeyed has a daughter (Miss DeMeanor) who suffered a breakup and was devastated. Now, she laughs about it.

While it's nothing to make light of, I might suggest you don't make a big deal of it, either. It's part of growing up and learning to deal with adversity (and at her age, it isn't that much). On top of that, it's a situation she is liable to face several times in the future. Do you want her to "run home to Mommy every time it happens?" As difficult as it might seem, right now, she will get over it. The bigger the deal you make of this, the harder that process will become. While this doesn't mean you should ignore her pain, you can't coddle her, either.
Well nicjy, what ever I'm doing is WRONG. REVENGE, she just wants to hurt him more than he hurt her.

Sixten is no different than 37, except you've maybe enjoyed more pain at 37. Would you like to give me a hand and be a coparent. I'll give you free lease. aoh, god it sucks when someone you love is devastated.

My boy lost his balloon after a very frustrating shopping trip. He wept to brak the devils heart. I was sick and exhausted. We got in the car and went to get him another balloon.

Nick, I dont know. I'm 51. I've had a lot of men and I'm scarred to the core. Wanna give me a few days break and take my place? I;d truly appreciate it. Love, Jackie
no. it's her. and it hurts like hell at 16.
Would you like to give me a hand and be a coparent.

Do I get all the fringe benefits?

Sixten is no different than 37, except you've maybe enjoyed more pain at 37.

Then I suspect you've either not learned, you've forgotten what you did learn, or maybe you actually did enjoy pain more.

it sucks when someone you love is devastated.

The key is the word "devastated." Sixteen year old girls are devastated at everything; they are ODing on Weltschmertz. You should convince her that the sun will, in fact, come up tomorrow and that she will find someone better. (All the usual breakup cliches will usually work - that's why they're cliches)

Wanna give me a few days break and take my place?

Take your place? Are you out of your mind?

For some reason, girls, at about 12 years old, find that their heads rotate about 180 degrees and stay that way for at least a decade. If they are lucky, at about 24 or 25, their heads rotate back to the straight position. Any adult who voluntarily chooses to associate with these people needs his/her heads examined and deserves everything he/she gets. Parents, of course, have little or no choice, which is why they all require therapy. Makes you wonder why we celebrate kids' birthdays. We really should be celebrating the parents' surviving their kids making it that long.

But to answer your question. I survived Miss DeMeanor's teen-age years. I think I would rather pass a kidney stone sans,/i> Demerol (and I have) than voluntarily get involved with another female teenage.
There is no best way....but sometimes this works for me:

Jack Daniels and REALLY LOUD MUSIC.

At least for the first week or so....After that, it's anybody's guess.

Oops. Posted this before I'd read the part about her being 16.
I think I love you...
Sweet Dottie. It looks like they may make up....She did spend the weekend with her' best friend', ( a boy who is very much inlove with her) and they laughed and laughed. The first boy may not always be there, but the second one....there's hope. She's no longer crying!
Take a sheet of paper, write out a list of grievances against said ex, fold it, place it in an envelope. Then make an effigy of said ex, string 'im up like a pinata, place the envelope inside the effigy. Have a go at it with a baseball bat and then when your exhausted from beating the effigy.....!!!BURN IT!!!
Thee Slayer Dug,
ahemmmmm, do you do voodoo? lol
I love your attitude, I love people like you!
If she is depressed at 16 then mom will have to make her strong emotionally and tell her the true facts of boys , for everytime she has breakup it is going to effect mom's world too.




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