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Suck, Period. My daughter is going through one now and is so depressed.She's  seeing a therapist on friday, but, she has legitimate reasons to be despondant.

Whats the trick? Whats the best way to get over being inlove? Mother (could use some) Sanity

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I don't think there is a best way. I'm not even sure there is a good way. Time and meeting someone else are the only things that ever worked for me.
Me too. But that's just asking for it to happen again...
Age Helps. And having a hard shell. I bet that turtle didn't go into a funk when the guy turtle left. I'm not sure she ever was too involved.
That's been my policy for a very long time. Oops, is MY bitterness showing again?
Denial and lying to myself has worked for me *L*...... Controlling our emotions is tough, especially Love and depression. Finding someone new who is, or can potentially be as great or a greater love then the one you've just lost is I think the only sure fire way to overcome ones heartbreak that I know of, but there is no gaurantee this will happen . Time helps a little, but not always. Like Robbie says age helps, but only if you add wisdom and maturity (former experiences) ..... Diving into ones feelings and embracing your emotions for a while I think also helps. There has to be a time of grief. Singing the blues, and washing away your sadness and anger is good, but then followed up with positive speech and thought. The Psalmist would sometimes start his song by whining, complaining and expressing his hurt, fears and anger. In this case even his anger at God. But then he turns his voice to remembering his earlier battles and how he overcame them. Then he would shout out his future victory, and regain confidence and joy ......... I have found that when feeling bad or sorry for myself for whatever reason that serving others in there hurt and despair works wonders.
Something else ... It is sad when folks don't have someone close, a friend who cares. Someone who not only hugs, listens, consoles, and encourages, but also who holds them accountable and helps prevent them from becoming paralyzed. We need each other.
God bless you.
I will print this out for Sarah. Thankyou for your wisdom.
She's 16 Aggie, her first 'love'. Were going to the sunny beach in 9 days!
Honor the process of grieving. Your daughter's young age makes a break up even more difficult because she doesn't have the benefit of life experience to know that "things get better". She has experienced a terrible loss and now must grieve in her own time, in her own way. Be her support person, but she must process her grief on her own.
m, as you guys know I'm a pretty honest person. This sad time has given us an opportunity to share my own history with her and it's bringing us closer than ever. Thats what I wanted, but not this way. (Watch what you wish for?) Thanks!
She will when she gets you message. Thank you Sandra




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