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Dick Cheney got a heart transplant.

(Women, the day has come when doctors can finally put a heart into a dick).

I wonder how much 'caring' and 'compassion' came along with that new heart.



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Laughing too hard to type....

I think even with a new heart Dick will still be cold hearted.

I know that in heart transplants the leading cause of death is when the body rejects the heart. Probably in this case it will the the heart rejecting the body.

Now that he's got a heart, do you think he could ask the wizard for a brain?

I think only one organ is allowed per animal.

...I just wonder who he shot in the face to get the heart...?

I would not go hunting with him.


Politicians are high class and we are the peasants.
Quit thinking we are equal.
Would you win out against Castro in a communist country?
Castro would tell you he will wait for a heart transplant…………
Countries that support the low class have not been invented yet.

I wonder if he had any control over the political affiliations of the donor.

We can tell if he suggests raises our taxes to give a pay raise to the lazy that won’t work.

he probly wudnt be allowd to drank hard likker innymore




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