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Kat, or maybe it was akabukowski, once said to me that everyone thinks their life would make a good book.

She is probably right. What do you think?

Here is your chance.

Let's all tell stories from our experiences as we traveled through time.


Ahh, but there has to be rules. They will be pretty loose, but rules there must be.


1. It can be any experience that you want to tell us about.

2. It can be as short as one line. Or as long as fifty. Anything over thirty will be deleted.

3.You do not have to end the story at fiftyy lines, but you have to quit writing at the end of fiftyy lines. You can not post again until at least one other person  has posted something.

This ensures that everyone gets a chance.

4.You can continue on the same subject or jump to a new one.

5. Nothing is required to be in chronological order.

6. Very Graphic Sexual discriptions should be posted in the sex talk group. You can direct us to go there if we want to read about it.

7. No one will be checking the facts 

8. Additional rules will be posted and implemented as I see fit.

Step right up and post. who knows, the next knock on your door may be Spielberg asking for the movie rights.

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Stir, The 50 line limit applies to each individual post. If you write 50 lines, stop, and then I post anything you are ready to start another post of up to 50 lines. We are looking forward to some more Life and Dirty Times type posting. Or visit to the greasy spoon.

geez, Robbie. I'm bein' a smart@ss, and you have to follow me by being all nice. Thanks a lot.
In late Nov. of 1981, my little brother Alan called me. It was a total surprise, because we hadn't seen each other ar talked for a couple years. He was the black sheep of the family, and had drug problems. (I later found out that our step father had been playing touchy feely with my little sister, and I have some extremely good reasons to believe he was messing with Alan too) I think the abuse may have been the root of his behavioral problems and the drugs too. Anyway, he said he was living in FL. and working on shrimp boats in the Gulf. He wanted to know that if came home for Christmas, if he could stay with me. I was delighted, and said sure. Well, a week or so later he called again and said he had broken a leg, would be a little late, but was still coming. That's the last anyone ever heard from him. I think someone broke his leg over some type of drug deal, and when he still couldn't pay up, that someone tossed his body off a shrimp boat into the Gulf.
I was in Nam and I was going on R&R to Da Nang. I got on a military flight and near Da Nang the pilot lowered the landing gear with a bang. Just when we were above the runway, we got waved off. We were carrying bombs and ammo and myself as a passenger.. They had no seats and I sat on the floor (first class) with a strap holding me down.
The airport was under attack. He raised the landing gear with a loud bang. The aircraft started vibrating, The crew chief discovered we had taken a round thru the aircraft. It severed the cable controlling the rudder.
The crew quickly fixed that with a u-bolt they had found in a junk box. We flew north and started our approach to an airport near Hue. When we just a few feet over the runway, we started getting shelled again. The shells were landing very close to our plane. The pilot raised the landing gear again this time a slight whistle.
We then gained altitude again. He found another airport and again went thru the landing routine. We sat down the aircraft, they dropped open the back, a guy jumped out with a large rope while we were taxiing down the runway. He tied the rope to a large donut on the runway. This pulled out the bombs and ammo and they went all over the runway. Again we had incoming and the pilot went full throttle to get us out of there. The landing gear made a funny noise. The crew came out with bicycle pumps and started pumping like crazy. One of the guys informed me that we were running low on fuel, the air tanks to lower and raise the landing gear were empty and our landing gear was only half up. I said bring me a pump and I will help. I ended up back where I had started from. I did get a vacation though closer to my base.
Darroll, what a harrowing story. It's hard for me to imagine going through that.
Wow. Teebs... I'm sorry he didn't make it back to you. Abuse & drugs are both vicious, vicious things. Many of us of so very fortunate to have survived one or both of them. I'm really sorry that your brother must not have.
Thanks Deez. OK, I guess I will share why I think he was abused by our stepfather. One day he stayed home from work, saying he was sick. He was in bed wearing pajamas, and I went in and asked if there was anything I could get for him. Not sure how the conversation got turned around, but he asked me if my penis was getting hard. (it wasn't) and I don't remember how I replied, but the next question was, did I want to show him my penis. This freaked me out, but I was EXTREMELY naive, and didn't realize what had happened. I just got red in the face, mumbled something, and left the room. I should have realized what the deal was, but I just thought he was really sick and didn't know what he was talking about. Now for the hard part. I believe I am the reason by brother was abused. Again, I was clueless as what had happened to me. A couple months later, my little brother came to me and asked why we looked different from everybody else. Neither of us had been circumsized. I was embarrased because my little brother had the guts to ask the same question I had. When he asked I got very flustered, and blurted out, Why don't you ask dad. I suspect this is what he did, and I carry the burden of knowing I sent this child to the wolf in sheeps clothing.
TeeBub, there is no way that you 'sent this child to the wolf in sheep's clothing.' If your stepfather abused your brother, you had nothing to do with it. It happened at your stepfather's initiation, and would have happened whether you'd ever made that comment to your brother or not. I hope you can ease your burden of that.

You're right Deez, the monster probably would have had his way, no matter whay I did. BUT, I still feel like I set my little brother up for...


Sorry, I just ran out of words.

TeeBub. I feel for you. But There is no way that you should blame yourself for what happend. You had no control over that. Life is a crap shoot.
Robbie, Again I know. BUT!!! if I has been savvy enough to know that he was coming on to me, and had said something to my mom, or a teacher, or my aunt, or ANYBODY, MAYBE!!!! the outcome would have been diferent.
TeeBub - you were a CHILD. And sadly, often, especially back then, kids weren't believed, adults didn't want to believe it. Listen to us.... you are not in the least bit responsible for anything that your stepfather did. And remember that you were a child, you weren't one of the responsible adults that were around.




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