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How can our country refuse to raise the cost of living for the elderly, those on SSI, and justify this? What happened to give us your poor? Feed the poor?

I am not trying to make those on SSI "poor", but honestly, how can they sit on capitol hill and vote themselves raise after raise, send checks to prisoners, spend zillions on war and starve the poor?

I am not able to monitor this discussion regularly, but welcome your insights and comments.

Please, no vulgar or spiteful comments. Just share and with integrity.

peace and blessings,

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My sister in law did the same. Everything is free. She has a house and property. My deceased brother's SS and pension.He had a very good job---she got it all.
The lady across the street has a good business. I think it’s in her family’s name?
Medicare is not free. Plus you have to get a supplemental plan to make it work at all.
The people that have no insurance in my state, the state gives it to them, free.




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