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Okay, here is the rules.  Look a the actors in the movie listed in the last post.  One of those actors was in another movie.  Name that movie.  Example TO KILL A MOCKING BIRD - GREGORY PECK was also in THE GUNS OF NAVARRONE  Pick a different actor in the G of N and name a movie that actor was in.

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Harry Connick Jr.

Memphis Belle
John Lithgow

Ralph Waite

Cool Hand Luke
Paul Newman

Patricia Neal

Breakfast At Tiffany's
Rex Harrison

Dr. Doolittle
Richard Attenbrough

Jurrasic Park
Laura Dern

October Sky
Jake Gyllenhaal

Donnie Darko
Katharine Ross

The Singing Nun
Agnes Moorehead

How the West Was Won.

Hey Chez. ;-)
Gregory Peck





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