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Is it just me, or does the "Invite Friends" icon at the top of the page look like a pair of panties?
It's been bugging me for awhile now. Maybe it's my computer, the envelope doesn't show up clearly, and all that I see is the white part.

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To each his or her own! What an observation! That is so funny and I just had to comment! :D
I think its your computer... maybe your eyes... maybe something else???
Yes they kind of resemble a pair of panties.
The seamstress cut them a little crooked though.
Are we hurting for conservation?, or not.. Or tell where a person’s mind is focused..

I am with you Wendy
I think perhaps they mean the inbox icon
Me too, Wendy, I'm think Freud might have something to say about it.
Wishful thinking
Remarks censored to avoid violating community standards.
Oh, dear, yes, it's worse when you think of it as an 'inbox'!
Ahh Haa, at last, someone agrees with me.
Oh I have to disagree Luca. There are few things hotter than a beautiful woman, wearing nothing but a pretty sun dress, and white cotton panties.
How sweet...




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