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Today, news broke that Osama Bin Laden haas sent another of his 'famous' messages (still being verified by the State Dept. (there's a statement I can sink my teeth into)!!!

When the jury sentences the mastermind of the 9/11 hijackings to a death sentence, Americans WILL BE KILLED EVERYWHERE.

Now, 'sat at fact, Osama? OK Mother Sanity will bite.Lets not give the bastard a death sentence. Lets give the sonovabitch life in prison. 

Betcha they'll be more than one 'slider' going down in whatever prison he goes to. (no offence, White Castle.
What do you think? Do we fry the f******? Or do we let him luxuriate amongst America's most feared?

(FYI) on and immedietely after 9/11 in NYC, crime dropped virtually to ZERO!!!!)

Mother Sanity says, "throw him to the hogs!!!'

What about you?

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Well, I guess letting the hogs have him would be the best deterent we could think of.
Make sure it's a big fat hungry group of sows!!!! We'll see who squeals first!!!!
The only problem I can envision with this picture is that, 'for his personal protection', he'll be placed in solitary confinement. But prison guards are human too. I believe Jeffrey Dahmer (murderer, cannibal) was placed in solitary confinement for his protection. Someone beat him to death in the bathroom while the guard had his back turned. (No doubt picking up a piece of soap.) I'd say that inlight of our crime wave dropping to zero on 9/11, there are some pretty angry pigs waiting for Sheik Khaled to drop his soap. Love to all! Mother Sanity
You think we should put him in an airplane and fly him into a wall? Interesting idea...We could use one of those unmanned CIA drones....
Put him in an unmanned drone with a couple of pigs and then fly him into the mountainside along the Pakistan/Afghanistan border.
Shame about the pigs, though...
Better yet, stand him up before a firing squad of female sharpshooters taking great care beforehand to soak their bullets in pig's blood!!!
Firing squad is too humane. I'm with the 'eat him alive' group.
Did you know , Dougie, that I happen to be a sharpshooter? Hope you are well and happy. MS
Just make him watch that.
My roomate came home with the crabs once. It was a real drag. MS
While in college I worked in Western Store next to a Pet Store. On Valentines Day the pet store had a sign in the window. "Give your gal the crabs for Valentine's Day. They were hermit crabs.




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