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For al Qaeda and other terrorists across the globe, Obama is the gift that just keeps on giving. The fanatical Muslim terrorists who are intent on wiping out every man woman and child that doesn't accept Allah as God was just handed another victory by the President of the United States.

In response to yet another threat from the al Qaeda faction in Yemen responsible for training the panty bomber who tried to take out a U.S. bound jet on Christmas day, the Obama administration decided to close down our embassy in Yemen. "The U.S. Embassy in San'a is closed today, January 3, 2010, in response to ongoing threats by al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula ... to attack American interests in Yemen," the embassy said in a message on its Web site.

Obama's counter-terrorism expert also informed the nation on Sunday that the United States would not be opening up a new front in Yemen to battle the increasing presence of al Qaeda there. This mirrors the Obama administration's response to ever increasing threats from terrorist murderers: if we just ignore them, maybe they'll go away.

President Obama has made it official. Faced with murderous threats from fanatical Muslims, America will cut and run. Al Qaeda and assorted terrorists the world over are rejoicing. Yet again.

These barbaric animals are laughing out loud at the policies President Obama and his buddies have enacted since he became president of the greatest country in the world.

First, Obama did what Democrats do when faced with an uncomfortable reality. They redefine it. Obama abolished the war on terror with a stroke of the pen. Presto, we now have man-made catastrophic events, not to be confused with the bogus global warming catastrophic events.

This was followed by the left's favorite response to any crisis not of their own making: dialogue. Despite the fact that 'reaching out' is considered a distinct sign of weakness by our enemies and has never worked, Obama scored political points by convincing half the nation that he could effect world peace through the sheer force of his personality. Obama's dialogue did accomplish something, however. It allowed him to appear to be doing something, when in actuality he was merely avoiding the hard decisions associated with real leadership.

This man of action then handed terrorists legitimacy, along with all the legal rights American citizens have fought and died for. Enemy combatants, for the first time in history, will be tried in civilian courts in New York. In the same neighborhood they demolished on 9/11. How cool is that, terrorists say.

This insane policy does have a silver lining. It just might encourage terrorists in Yemen and Afghanistan to surrender. That way they can leave the blood and guts battlefield and wage jihad from the worldwide platform being afforded (courtesy of U.S. taxpayers) by a New York courtroom. Again, courtesy of Obama. Who knows, terrorists might just be able to accomplish more effective jihad from within America. Just think of the recruitment opportunities in American jails. Yahoo!

Then again, these animals may just opt to stay on the battlefield overseas. After all, Obama's new rules of engagement have severely hampered U.S. fighting men. All al Qaeda has to do is hide behind women and children and they get a virtual free pass. And if by chance they get caught killing Americans and they aren't mirandized, well, its off to Gitmo, where they'll have a chance to rest up and regroup. Once they gain 20 pounds or so, they'll be shipped back home where they pick up right where they left off.

Unless, of course, Obama is successful in closing Gitmo, in which case the terrorists will have to make do with 3 squares and cable TV from Chicago until they get shipped home to the same old goat meat and drafty caves.

No wonder our enemies are laughing. As the Taliban indoctrinate kids as young as five years-old into being killing machines, Obama focuses his efforts on sanitizing and avoiding a fight to the finish that our enemies wage as a war and Obama wages as an exercise in rhetoric.

As the left steps up their efforts to sensitize males, our enemies breed warriors and come ever closer to obtaining the technology and materials needed for a nuclear weapon. America will then have no choice but to follow Obama's policy of appeasement. And the terrorists will have won. And America will be no more.

If you're not scared yet, let me offer you this visual exercise: Imagine Obama and his buddies coming face to face with a coven of jihadists. Which side is going to win? Obama's words or the terrorist's sword?

Nancy Morgan is a columnist and news editor for RightBias.com
She lives in South Carolina

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Well, I came across this late, but i have read the entire thing, Along with bill Po whatever his name is blog.
i could point out holes in both sides argument that you could drive a truck through. Sarge, I really don't know what your background is, USMC I know but I'm getting old and don't remember the rest of it. Funs, were you in Nam? TSD, you're as bad as I am when it comes to trying to pick a side and stay on it. All I can say is, "Nancy did her usual, stirred up the populance with facts that she says have a meaning to support her argument, but when examined are pure opinion. Then she acts like she is a victim until she can get some of her unthinking right leaning followers involved. Then disappears. Here is how I feel about this whole subject.

Welll, I did spend most of the day trying to figure out how much income tax I owe, and that may have influenced my thinking a little. Maybe I should have put "The Reservoir Dogs" version up for Nancy. Slake her blood lust a little.(:>)
Let's try having some civil discourse instead of public flaming and private emails of condemnation.
I deleted my reply so not to offend and flame.

I hope this helps.

Karen, that wasn't my point and I apologize if that motivated you to delete your comment. I was publicly stating my awareness of the nastiness directed toward me in this thread by those who shall not be named.
yeah. lets talk @ sex instead.
I'm gettin old too CW and what I did or didn't do I am loath to post on line in a public forum. It was an awful long time ago and today I'm more concerned with "My Two Sons" and any future grandkids to come. I've spent more years in business than anything else and I gotta tell I don't like what obama is doing one bit.

Surprise!! We disagree....however, that doesn't mean that if you ever bring your winnebago over by Jersey way that I won't buy you a hot dog with slaw and mustard washed down by whatever brew you'd like. Well that is assuming I have any money left this year, I keep gettin less an less if you get my drift. I talk to a lot of folks in my work and when I'm here on the threads I assume people speak the way we speak in RL. Give and take no angst, jus conversation. I don't see or take offense at the least phrase turned in a manner I don't like. That's the way I am. Tho' ever now and then a troll or two (no one here of course) make a cameo appearance....now where'd I put that dang fly swatter....! LOL
I feel sorry for Obama.
I think his worst enemies are the people that advise him.
Il never understand the health care fiasco.
They already had healthcare for everyone and it’s called Medicaid.
The states limited the coverage and left a bunch of people without insurance.
Someone pushed the burden to the Feds and the feds are changing the whole program.
All I can see is higher prices for everyone.
The poor people can’t afford to pay for this new insurance plan so this means higher premiums for the people that can afford it.
I heard Medicare is going up over two hundred dollars a month while the benefits are going down.
Look at Mayo Clinic, they will no longer be taking Medicare patients.
Our house and senate seems to not care if they pi$$ off the people and get voted out of office.
Americans do have short memory spans, though.
I’m not even sure if all of their plans gets tossed out by our court system.
What a mess.
Darrol, i don't know a lot about medicaid, but i do know that it covered only a fraction of the uninsured, and you had to give up just about everything you had in order to be eligible. Our current meical system is broken. How do we fix it? I don't have that answer, but I can see that the insurance companies are getting more and more power. I very much dislike having to deal with government agencies but I don't see any other solution. Unless we want to just let people die in the street.
Muslims have health care provided by Hamas, right? Or maybe it's Hezbollah? Maybe it's Al-Qaeda who is providing them with health care. I don't know. They certainly seem to be living longer than non-Muslims.
Would somebody far more learned than myself (preferably an EXPERT on the Muslim Health Care apparatus)
care to shed some light on this subject?!!!!?
I think Nancy should answer all these questions???????? where is she????
Oh, by the way Nancy, I forgot to mention that the ACLU recently won an important legal victory ( American Academy of Religion v. Napolitano ) in allowing a leading Muslim scholar into the country. Tariq Ramadan had been denied a visa using immigration laws as instruments of censorship. So you might want to ratchet up the Islamic fascist bashing to drown out what he has to say on bridging cultural differences and the academic exchange of ideas.
Actually, Right Wing Extremism is the Gift to Terrorists That Keeps On Giving.

As long as American conservatives continue insisting that every Muslim on the planet is a bloodthirsty murderer (Which, by the way, is nothing but a garbled playback of Red Scare propaganda), then the Far Right of Islam - Al Queda and the like - will continue to see that chicken-headed swill as all the evidence they need to rationalize their acts as "self-defense".

In other words, all of you big-talking, bullshit-walking, Kill-'Em-All-And-Steal-Their-Oil chickenhawk neocons out there - YOU, not Barack Obama, are the spur that drives militant Islam.

Feel Stupid yet? No? That's the problem, isn't it? You never do...




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