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For al Qaeda and other terrorists across the globe, Obama is the gift that just keeps on giving. The fanatical Muslim terrorists who are intent on wiping out every man woman and child that doesn't accept Allah as God was just handed another victory by the President of the United States.

In response to yet another threat from the al Qaeda faction in Yemen responsible for training the panty bomber who tried to take out a U.S. bound jet on Christmas day, the Obama administration decided to close down our embassy in Yemen. "The U.S. Embassy in San'a is closed today, January 3, 2010, in response to ongoing threats by al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula ... to attack American interests in Yemen," the embassy said in a message on its Web site.

Obama's counter-terrorism expert also informed the nation on Sunday that the United States would not be opening up a new front in Yemen to battle the increasing presence of al Qaeda there. This mirrors the Obama administration's response to ever increasing threats from terrorist murderers: if we just ignore them, maybe they'll go away.

President Obama has made it official. Faced with murderous threats from fanatical Muslims, America will cut and run. Al Qaeda and assorted terrorists the world over are rejoicing. Yet again.

These barbaric animals are laughing out loud at the policies President Obama and his buddies have enacted since he became president of the greatest country in the world.

First, Obama did what Democrats do when faced with an uncomfortable reality. They redefine it. Obama abolished the war on terror with a stroke of the pen. Presto, we now have man-made catastrophic events, not to be confused with the bogus global warming catastrophic events.

This was followed by the left's favorite response to any crisis not of their own making: dialogue. Despite the fact that 'reaching out' is considered a distinct sign of weakness by our enemies and has never worked, Obama scored political points by convincing half the nation that he could effect world peace through the sheer force of his personality. Obama's dialogue did accomplish something, however. It allowed him to appear to be doing something, when in actuality he was merely avoiding the hard decisions associated with real leadership.

This man of action then handed terrorists legitimacy, along with all the legal rights American citizens have fought and died for. Enemy combatants, for the first time in history, will be tried in civilian courts in New York. In the same neighborhood they demolished on 9/11. How cool is that, terrorists say.

This insane policy does have a silver lining. It just might encourage terrorists in Yemen and Afghanistan to surrender. That way they can leave the blood and guts battlefield and wage jihad from the worldwide platform being afforded (courtesy of U.S. taxpayers) by a New York courtroom. Again, courtesy of Obama. Who knows, terrorists might just be able to accomplish more effective jihad from within America. Just think of the recruitment opportunities in American jails. Yahoo!

Then again, these animals may just opt to stay on the battlefield overseas. After all, Obama's new rules of engagement have severely hampered U.S. fighting men. All al Qaeda has to do is hide behind women and children and they get a virtual free pass. And if by chance they get caught killing Americans and they aren't mirandized, well, its off to Gitmo, where they'll have a chance to rest up and regroup. Once they gain 20 pounds or so, they'll be shipped back home where they pick up right where they left off.

Unless, of course, Obama is successful in closing Gitmo, in which case the terrorists will have to make do with 3 squares and cable TV from Chicago until they get shipped home to the same old goat meat and drafty caves.

No wonder our enemies are laughing. As the Taliban indoctrinate kids as young as five years-old into being killing machines, Obama focuses his efforts on sanitizing and avoiding a fight to the finish that our enemies wage as a war and Obama wages as an exercise in rhetoric.

As the left steps up their efforts to sensitize males, our enemies breed warriors and come ever closer to obtaining the technology and materials needed for a nuclear weapon. America will then have no choice but to follow Obama's policy of appeasement. And the terrorists will have won. And America will be no more.

If you're not scared yet, let me offer you this visual exercise: Imagine Obama and his buddies coming face to face with a coven of jihadists. Which side is going to win? Obama's words or the terrorist's sword?

Nancy Morgan is a columnist and news editor for RightBias.com
She lives in South Carolina

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As the hatred of Jews, Christians, Muslims grows in the world,
The world will ban all of their religious places and teachings.
Look what the world did to second hand smoke.
Why don't you post this crap in the crazy right wing group where you will have somebody that will listen? The actions of George W. Bush did more to encourage the terrorists than Barak Obama could ever do. Starting unneccessary and illegal wars against Muslim countries created more terrorists than anything Obama could or would ever do.
Can I get a job with your newspaper without sleeping with you?
Because we're all Americans and we should all be aware. Terrorists are the enemy, not each other.
One of the lessons mainstream media learned from the Vietnam War was to sanitize war and its effects on the enemy. Just bad for business - the media will lose sponsors who funnel money to th em and the sponsors themselves, GE, Boeing, Honeywell, make obscene profits off war machinery. One of the features of the US culture for over a quarter century now is the inability or refusal to recognize US war crimes because of a one-sided presentation of the facts. A lot of the foreign or independent internet sources of information are shut down 'mysteriously' - 404 errors. I'll just present two recent ones I found.

US air strike massacres civilians in western Afghanistan

In one of the worst atrocities of the US-led occupation of Afghanistan, as many as 90 civilians were massacred by an American air strike last Friday in the western province of Herat. At least 60 of those killed were children under the age of 15, according to Afghan government and military sources.

The slaughter was carried out by what is, for defenceless people on the ground, one of the most terrifying warplanes in the US arsenal, the AC-130 “Spooky” gunship. Equipped with a rapid-fire five-barrel 25mm Gatling gun, a 40mm cannon and a 105mm howitzer, it is designed to lay waste to exposed targets with a torrent of bullets and artillery shells.

The victims were part of a large crowd that had gathered in the village of Azizabad—a community near the government airfield at Shindand, some 120 kilometres south of the city of Herat—for a customary commemoration of the 40th day after the death of a local leader. Many of the men in the village work as security guards at the airfield.

How they came to be targeted by US aircraft is still shrouded in a fog of contradictory reports. According to the US military, an operation was underway against an insurgent group led by a man named Mullah Siddiq. Afghan government troops were allegedly ambushed on their way to intercept Siddiq. They reportedly fought off and then pursued their assailants to Azizabad, where they called in the AC-130 to devastate the village.

The initial reports released by the US military boasted that it had successfully attacked a meeting of Taliban militants in Herat province, killing at least 30. The truth emerged as Herat district officials, Afghan military personnel, aid workers, journalists and, eventually, a senior minister in the government of President Hamid Karzai, visited the scene.

On Friday evening, the Afghan interior ministry issued a statement declaring that “76 people, all civilians and most of them women and children were martyred... 19 women, 7 men and the rest children all under 15 years of age”. Karzai, who has repeatedly protested against indiscriminate US air strikes, issued his own statement, condemning the occupation forces for “martyring at least 70 people, most of them women and children”.

Raouf Ahmedi, a spokesman for the Afghan army, told the Washington Post that officials who travelled to Azizabad on Saturday had counted 60 children and 19 women among the dead. “We couldn’t and we haven’t found any identification showing they are Taliban,” he said. An Associated Press cameraman reported that he had seen some 20 destroyed houses and had counted 20 newly dug graves, including some that contained multiple corpses.

FARAH, Afghanistan — The number of civilians killed by the American airstrikes in Farah Province last week may never be fully known.

But villagers, including two girls recovering from burn wounds, described devastation that officials and human rights workers are calling the worst episode of civilian casualties in eight years of war in Afghanistan.

“We were very nervous and afraid and my mother said, ‘Come quickly, we will go somewhere and we will be safe,’ “ said Tillah, 12, recounting from a hospital bed how women and children fled the bombing by taking refuge in a large compound, which was then hit.

The bombs were so powerful that people were ripped to shreds.

Survivors said they collected only pieces of bodies.

Several villagers said that they could not distinguish all of the dead and that they never found some of their relatives.

Government officials have accepted handwritten lists compiled by the villagers of 147 dead civilians.
American officials say that even 100 is an exaggeration but have yet to issue their own count.

I'll pass on showing some extremely graphic images of children and women with their faces melted off from phosphorus bombs.

So explain to me who the terrorists or religious fanatics are?
Right. Bravo.

You can't negotiate with the terrorist. They want to kill Americans. The Obama Administration won't even call it the War on Terrorism, they call it a Man Made War. We will be hit again, its just a matter of time.
Tell me when diplomacy has worked?
Time to quit blaming Bush and start facing the reality Obama is trying to sanitize, at all our perils.
And yes, if I had kids, I would most certainly raise them to be prepared to defend themselves instead of the current practice of naval gazing and searching out their inner child - which you apparently have found.
Quite a specious response - typically a argument from adverse consequences fails logically. As usual, your discussion is permeated with fallacious reasoning, you submit arguments with suppressed evidence, selective observations, or just misunderstand correlation and causation. Smart people will know it is a bunch of crap. Ha Ha - see - I just borrowed a page from your right wing playbook.

Oh, by the way comrade, a heartfelt thanks for sending your kids out to fight evil on my behalf. Since I am a nasty pacifist socialist, me and my offspring prefer to forego any maiming, torturing, or killing of the current boogieman of the day.




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