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Are there any other Miami Vice fans out there? I bought "Miami Vice" the first season, a couple years ago. Slipped it in the DVD; and was somewhat disappointed. Not with the stories, definitely not with the music, but the rapid march of technology makes some(most) of the action so outdated that it is a total distraction. So another memory down the tubes. However, the music on the sound track has to be the best ever put together for a series. Who can listen to "Lawyers, Guns, and Money", "Smugglers Blues", "Life in the Fast Lane", Or "The Fire Down Below" and not get chills of pleasure down your spine? I always wondered if they wrote the story and then looked for music that fit the plot, or did they listen to the song and then write the story.
What other Mimi Vice songs turn you on? Or what other TV shows did you watch as much for the music as the show?

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Like many movies and TV shows, they can't be revisited and instill the same entertainment that they did originaly. But, the music is still the best. The Eagles, Bob Seger, Willy Nelson, Phil Collens. And Many others.
Yeah, but he really meant it. Ironically, he was one of the best boyfriends I ever had.




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