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Are there any other Miami Vice fans out there? I bought "Miami Vice" the first season, a couple years ago. Slipped it in the DVD; and was somewhat disappointed. Not with the stories, definitely not with the music, but the rapid march of technology makes some(most) of the action so outdated that it is a total distraction. So another memory down the tubes. However, the music on the sound track has to be the best ever put together for a series. Who can listen to "Lawyers, Guns, and Money", "Smugglers Blues", "Life in the Fast Lane", Or "The Fire Down Below" and not get chills of pleasure down your spine? I always wondered if they wrote the story and then looked for music that fit the plot, or did they listen to the song and then write the story.
What other Mimi Vice songs turn you on? Or what other TV shows did you watch as much for the music as the show?

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Ok so I got a little carried away. The last one wasn't Miami Vice, but I LOVE JOE WALSH!!!!!
Here's a site you might find interesting.
I saw a few bits and pieces and was not overwhelmed but I am partial to vice like activities when in Miami.
Oh yeah, Robbie, that was a great show, and great music. Heck I'd still like to get some of those clothes....I didn't have the money the first time around! I also thought Saundra Santiago was the hottest of the hot! Technology-wise, I'm only just getting into the 80s now, so that doesn't bother me.
Paul Revere and the Raiders
I had a boyfriend who thought he was the blond cop on Miami Vice. When he started to roll up the jacket sleaves, however, it got kind of...corny. He's a real cop now (that was 30 years ago). My guess is he still rolls up those sleeves.
Did he go with the three days beard growth look, too?
Hey I do that, but I'm just lazy. Also being a red head with a slow beard no one really notices.




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