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(this is not a discussion on if you think the war is right or wrong)

As some of you are aware, I work at a hotel where we accomadate our troops as they leave for the war zone and when they return.

Today we had a first, Being Thursday, this is the day the troops leave and it is always difficult. I see faces of guys that a full of emotion, but they usually get lots of calls from back home. The cel phones are always ringing as they get on the bus for the airport.


After I left at 3pm yesterday, one of the guys wife came in with 2 small children. She was there screaming, crying and telling the children not to let Daddy go. Daddy had signed up to serve and had taken the final instructions this week. This was so difficult on him and the other men leaving. She was asked several times to please step back for the childrens safety. She even went so far as to try to hide his duffle bag. I have been seeing these troops leave for many years, and I saw the senior officers puzzled in how to handle this delicate situation. It was having a negative impact on the other troops also.


When I was a Navy wife, I never would have cause any problems for my husband, and to me this was very childish behavior. Am I being harsh???

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I removed the original objectionable post and any quotes to it. Please all be more respectful.
Say what you will, at the very least I know as a mom of a few vets and the mom in law of a very sweet daughter-in-law that this woman no matter what else you say about her wasn't out to hit the D.O.A.LOTTERY, so she is alright in my book and I wish her and her family the very best during a clearly difficult time. Not all the men going off to a combat zone are lucky enough to have someone who isn't after their life insurance policy.
I agree Merry...I couldn't walk away without putting my two cents in here..I am very surprised to hear the cruel words used toward this woman no-one knows.....None of us has walked in her moccasins and know absolutely zilch about her life except what was put up on this thread...I would like to hear the woman's own story as this one SEEMS TO ME comes from the guy volunteering to leave his own children, but then again where did this private info about the family come from?
So...Do you like what they become when they grow up any better?...It's almost a toss up to me LJ...LOL...What happened..You didn't take them to church to force feed them the Devil to get them to behave?
Yeah LJ, those rational people really piss me off too.

That was sarcasm.
Take your medicine, L.J. It makes you feel so much better about life.
I second that emotion LJ...........Some people are not satisfied untill everyone fits neat and tidy into their narrow minded society viewpoint.
Combat area duty sure beats the hell out of standing on lawn guard in Camp Poke with an unloaded M-16.
Making sure no one steals the grass.
This is the kind of work they signed up for. Don’t bitch as the military picks up the travel costs and the chow.
Then you write home and tell your family how safe you are after being shelled for thirty days straight.
Oh nevermind...My statement was strong and not the nicest. Peace 1GL.
No. You're just telling a true story. War is hell. When will they ever learn?




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