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This is a question out of a sincere humbleness, and just because it is arising out of a simple humbleness it opens the doors for my growth ..I guess..

The mystics say that there are all the possibilities; for the humble heart everything is possible. One of my monk friends told me today that if I accept that "I am nobody", all doors open suddenly..all the mysteries of existence become available...
For the person who can say: "I do not know", a miracle becomes possible. My monk friend says that in the acceptance of not knowing we start becoming wise, because we start becoming like a child, utterly innocent..

So there is every possibility of my growing up....?

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Yes Ave, I see expansive growth in humility, and stunted growth in pride........ From what little I know of you, I think you are a giver, and when we give, we are emptying ourselves like a river, growing and expanding our capacity to give more.... Likewise, when we give up our pride, we make more room for growth..............
hmmm..Jack going to frame this thoughts of yours..thank you!!
this is all too deep for me but I wish you the best.
hahaha!! no my friend is quiet simple..just reflecting how to be humble and innocent again???..well from 3 year old to 55 hmmmm...fat chance isn't?
Please do not grow up Ave..
.I was looking at your beautiful flower pics..
amazing..really a talented artist..thank you for sharing Ave..
Ave, Ave, Ave. Pinch your monk friend. For saying "I am Nobody" Girl we all somebody, so special in that the God only made ONE of each. He gave you strengths and abilities that no one else has. He made you Special.
Our humbleness we must have in what we accomplish, and in our abilities.
Jack Z's insight falls along the Kabbalistic teachings of emptying the "vessel" so that the Creator can impart more blessings upon us... very profound indeed. However, I also understand the monk's analogy, for Socrates wrote: "The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing."... and like a child... you remain curious... playful... imaginative... etc... I personally like the child in me, and will nurture him for years to come.

Hasta que muera un viejo loco... haha
Do you really want to?




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