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It has been so long that I now divide my life into when I could get sex and after no sex.

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surely you jest.
Five years!
OMG, I thought I had it bad!!!

I can't imagine a pretty lady like you not being completely satisfied.
can't seem to be able to give it away. I think it has something to do with having a young kid.

it's been so long, I just wear sensible underwear.
jack you must get it an awful lot if you can't even bother to put drawers on.
You MUST be kidding or it is your by your choice. Not sure if you are bragging or complaining.......
I don't know Pru, I wear sweats and sandals, my hair is pretty messy, I have certainly gained some weight, and it hasn't helped me, and I'm MARRIED!!!!
You see, it worked!
Yeah I have been seriously thinking that that might be the best route. Make myself as unappealing as everyone else then I might get laid , if I keep my mouth shut.
can I put a bag over your head??
Wow! Is it the 21st century already?

Ahem......it's been quite a while.




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