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Why do they call reducing carbon dioxide emissions "going green?" Basic biology teaches us that plants need carbon dioxide to live. Therefore, reducing our carbon dioxide emissions means fewer plants. That sounds like exactly the opposite of "going green" to me.

They're trying to prevent the "greenhouse" effect. Well, what grows in a greenhouse? Plants! Again, less greenhouse effect, fewer plants.

So, what do you call it when you tell people the exact opposite of the truth? Oh, yeah, it's called a lie.

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Well, I will say one thing, you know those stupid plastic bags from stores? Since I now live where I have to go up t 3 stories, I started buying and using the cloth bags from the grocery stores.
I cannot believe the difference in how much easier they make it to carry groceries and how much more you can fit in them. Plus, they don't flog all over the place like the plastic.
I don't have to worry about recycling them.
Little things, like my younger sister now makes sure she recycles all their soda cans and has started drinking her bottled water, also makes sure she recycles them.
I stopped buying bottled water and got a filter for my kitchen sink.
I became aware of things like, not to burn cardboard boxes.
Going green to me is just being aware of my own actions and to be able to pass little things along, as well as learning tips from others. We are a society of excess. And need to be aware of the little things we can do that make a difference.
Hey Marge,

Just make sure to wash those bags regularly. I recently read an article about an uptick in food poisoning because people aren't washing their reusable bags.
I will...tho whatever, like veggies, I make sure are in plastic bags. Once a bag is too old, I use it for other things, like storing old towels I use for cleaning, been handy for going to the pool, even when I want to drop off a few things at the Goodwill truck.
I think you mean carbon monoxide. We exhale carbon dioxide and I believe that it's carbon monoxide that comes out of an exhaust pipe. As far as the "greenhouse" effect and that plants grow in a greenhouse, that's interesting.
Nope. Here's a quote (just for reference) and a link to just one article I found on the web:

"Unfortunately, our politicians are lagging behind when it comes to making any real change a reality. At the G8 summit earlier this year, the leaders of the G8 nations (including Barack Obama) worked on a deal that would limit the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to 450ppm. That won't be good enough."

Maybe they can simply outlaw breathing.
I also find it strange that they can't accurately predict the weather three days in advance - the forecast fluctuates by several degrees from day to day - yet they claim to be able to predict the weather a century in advance. Hmmm....
It's not easy....

It is a like any thing else. Too much carbon dioxide is bad. Just the right amount is good. Moderation in all things.
I certainly can't argue with you there. Moderation is definitely the key. But, what is just the right amount of carbon dioxide? Nobody knows. However, some politicians would love to set some arbitrary limits, anyway...because it's all about controlling people's lives and making sure the "right" people makes oodles of money in the process. I'm not buying the hype, personally.
There's lots we can do without them making money, so that's where my focus is...
(((((((WYLDE)))))))) wow everyonce in a while i find an old face from the past :)
glad to see your still around





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