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What's the most delicious, yet not necessarily healthy, food you've ever had? Fried Chicken, cheesesteak....geez, I feel like a virgin....

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The Buttermilk Bar. A donut from Lamar's Donuts. Mmmm....good.
pepperidge farm vanilla cake. The entire cake.
I'm with Aggiek and Wendy....OMG Have we died and gone to heaven?
It was deep fried twinkies...I heard about them here for the first time.

And last night I had an epiphany...vanilla pudding made with cream and served with raspberry jam...
Delicious but bad. Gives new meaning to stuffed tomatoes.

Now that one I find strangely appetizing... with the promise of a workout included...? Who said healthy food can't be fun?
Do you like potatoes chez?

Or are you more into fruit?

I always aim, but sometimes I miss my target.
We all know how much you like mushrooms.

Tee, you are so sensitive to my tastes. I see you did not try to offer me any deep fried twinkies, thank goodness! I do draw the line...
I read somewhere that there is a where this guy in Texas comes up with a new deep fried concotion every year for the state fair. This year he is supposed to be introducing deep fried butter.




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