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What's the most delicious, yet not necessarily healthy, food you've ever had? Fried Chicken, cheesesteak....geez, I feel like a virgin....

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Warm, gooie, chocolate chip cookies.
they have fresh warm cookies everyday when I get ot work. Fresh baked. They are for the quest. of course, but-------go away--
pecAN PIE....pie crusts made with lard.
Actually, I am from Philadelphia. Circumstances beyond my control brought me to this dwarf mutated tree swamp. Why?
LOL dwarf mutated tree swamp...that is funny. You left out the part about the Piney's, who are er, um, the Juhsey equivalent of "inbreds."

They're out there. I try to keep a low profile and only cut my grass in the dark....
Oh yes, Jackie. Pecan pie. My favorite.
I just had a warmed up pecan pie last night. Thought I was going to die, it was so good.
Oh I forgot...500 calories per slice. sooooo gooood.
BAF you are starting to grow on me. That is the most wonderfulest looking Tiramisu I've ever laid eyes on. Gotta get into NYC and find a real italian restaurant next week!
Yeah Sarge! head for Little Italy. Its been a while so I'm pretty sure BAF can only take a picture of on empty plate now. You do not want to place yourself between that woman and dessert. Most insurance policies exclude injuries incurred in this manner.
You know, I never ACTUALLY had tiramisu...




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