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What's the most delicious, yet not necessarily healthy, food you've ever had? Fried Chicken, cheesesteak....geez, I feel like a virgin....

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Just ran a quick search. Here is a link to the story. You can get the butter in 3 flavors, garlic, grape, or cherry. It also mentions deep fried peanutbutter, jelly and banana sandwiches, deep fried pecan pie, (I tihink I could get behind that one) and deep fried Coke??????????????
Grape flavored lard? Ewwwwww
Much better, or butter, or...
Its Fair season here in the Northeast, seems every weekend you can find one to go to and when your there...
Fried Everything... Dough, Donuts, Oreos, Ice Creme, plus Cotton Candy, Burgers, Dogs, Sausage, Kilbasa....
{Burp}... excuse me :)
Baked Bacon wrapped prawns with a butter and garlic baste. Arteries...clogging....just saying it.
Jacky, darlin', this sounds like health food in these surroundings!!!
(And it does sound good to me, even... or especially... without the bacon.)
Yummm! Bacon Cheeseburgers with a doughnut bun HAHAHAHAHA......

How about corn dog pizza?

I don't know about "most delicious" because I've eaten a lot of delicious food, but last night I made a pound cake which, in one small loaf pan, contained 5 eggs + 2 egg yolks and over a stick of butter. I added some triple sec and lemon rind, and lots of sugar. It was reeeeeally good, and even better this morning for breakfast after it chilled. And no, I didn't really need to spread butter on it after I sliced it, but it was pretty tasty that way.
Cheeseburger donuts??!!! I thought I was bad with good old chips and dip!!!
Now the pound cake I could go for. My Mom was from Jersey and she knew how to make a good pound cake. The best bagels I've ever had were in Jersey...sweet corn and tomatoes too...Oh, and toss in some fresh fried clams. Although the best fried oysters were in Hyannis Port...
I have never met a food group I didn't like....:-D
p.s. Tee is an amazing resource....
A cheeseburger with fried onions ( fried in BUTTER, that is, )sounds good. When I was a kid and worked at the hospital a mushroom cheessteak hogie with mayonaise was hard to pass up...(for a while, anyway).




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