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Do you have a nagging idea of some condition or event in the future that keeps popping up? Will we need sunblock as thick as mudmask? Will they dig up the stuff we throw away today because they found a use for some of it tomorrow? What if they find a way to make more energy from nuclear waste?

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Somebody must be sabotaging his magical crystal ball.
I predict someone from this website will go down to the Yacht Club and release all the boats to set  them free, that is after the night before they drove around the neighborhood and stole all the pumpkins.
How would it work if libraries switched to kindle versions, how would the author get paid?  If you ask me, a library IS a school that actually works. And I don't have to be a kid to use it.
Kindles won't be around much longer - smart phones will have that capability.

I'm pretty sure books will be around as long as I am, and after that, I don't really care! 

Most recently, I've been hoeing out books from various nooks and crannies, and from my attic, and putting them in bookcases in my living areas.  I like seeing my books, they give me a comfortable feeling.  I'm not ever gonna willingly part with the ones I have.....I tend to reread them.

On occasion, I earn money by looking stuff up in old books located in courthouse vaults.  I usually do some sneezing in those vaults....I think its caused by the old books, but I'm not gonna sue anybody over it.  Its an occupational hazard, I guess.  As time goes on, more and more of my work is done at a computer....the information from the old books is being put online.  This is saving wear and tear on the books, so I'm all for it.  

I didn't forget, I chose to ignore the topic, as I am prone to do, and just write what comes to mind.  I guess this is whats known as hijacking.

Sorry, I forgot to add the smiley thingy.


I predict that Stir will forget to add the smiley thingy.


Damn, I'm getting better at this.

The Tea Party will try to pass a law overturning millions of years of evolution.
I predict they will make a hybred fruit that is strawberry banana.
Watermelon will be reclassified as a red meat.




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