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Why is it that people all live, cramped together, in small towns and cities? America has so much wide open space...SO MUCH. Why would people want to be so close together, sharing people things like diseases cockroaches and rats? Beats me!

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Well.....Cities do have useful things close at hand, like hospitals and taco stands.

My perfect home would be something bucolic, about five miles outside of a medium-sized town that had decent theaters, good restaurants and some night life. Not-to-close neighbors so that I can play Sonic Youth LOUD at 4:00 a.m. if I want to. But that city itself would be about twenty or thirty miles outside of a massive metropolis, like Chicago or Seattle, for those times when the lust for something a little more out-of-the-average strikes.

By the way - Image #3? Those little Missouri / Kansas Mom & Pop stores can be somethin' else, can't they?
If you built a house up on top of a mountain to get away from neighbors.
Someone will build a house right below you.

It's life, I guess.
Give me city life....never lived more than ten minutes from work..grocer is around the corner. I can sit on my sun porch and watch the spice of life stroll by.. I hear some very interesting one sided phone conversations and very often folks look up at my house and smile. I don't mind the hustle and bustle of city life...I live my life vicariously through it...It's enough to keep me entertained.
I've had gardens, owls and chickens in the country, humming birds and Orion's Belt , twenty minutes away from the small theatre that is on the Broadway circut and all the vices and virtues of a crowded city. It's nice to have a little bit of both from time to time. Then of course there's NYC, where if you get tired of cars and pavement , there's the Bronx Zoo or the Botanical Gardens. And the museums are soooo excelent there and the food, usually good.
AS someone who is currently spending his time in a very, very rural area; I can assure you that, for me, urban is better. There are pluses and minuses to each, but I agree with Quinn. I prefer to have daily interaction with other people. Many people who live in rural areas do not want frequent contact with others. Even tho it is less expensive, and I do enjoy walking through the woods and back roads, I crave interesting conversation and contact with other humans. This will probably be my last Summer in this remote area.
They're awesome Snagg! My perfect place is right smack in the middle of nowhere. West Kansas, for example.
Isnt that the truth, Darroll. Yesterday we were driving...very few cars..long long road, until these two came along and got right ontop of us. Stayed that way too. Had to slow down to 60 to get rid of them. Lonely, I suppose...
Jaylee...there I can agree too. Its the city or its oblivion...no neighbors, no nothing. But to me, nothing is worse than living with the vultures in the suburbs.
MotherSanity is not fond of New York City.
Hi Quinn! Yeah, its a real store. Unfortunately the people were a little hostile, too. They had a good dog though. I had to scramble for something to buy...in exchange for the pic...there were only a few candy bars and a soda or two. Kind of Dorthy-Toto-ish. Creepy, even. We stopped at a similar store on the way, and the people were just lovely!

Love this....
That store is a bit creepy.....
Where are you at Robbie? (I'm sorry, but something is preventing me from posting replies appropriatly.)




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