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Are you aware of it? Do you know what it requires? Does it require all of us to prove that we are a legal US citizen or face prison? When would this be considered unreasonable search and seizure?

As the comedians say, "I couldn't be making this up". A California congressman says that hair and shoes can be an indication of someone being an illegal alien. Do I need to visit a barber and shoe store before crossing into Arizonia? The Governor of Arizonia says that she does not know how to identify an illegal alien but by golly her law enforcement personnel will require papers be shown when they identify someone who looks like one. However, racial profiling is illegal so if the Law Enforcement personnel use that they will be breaking the law. Who is on First? 

What is your take on this law? 

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Does the Govenor of New Mexico look like an illegal alien?
Will the President of the US have to show papers to visit Arizonia?
What about ET?
I think I'll stay out of Arizonia until this is cleared up.
I have spent some time along the AZ/Mexico border and agree that it is not a safe place to be. However, this law is ludicrous. It is so vague that it will tie up the AZ cout system for years to come. It will cost the AZ cities so much money to defend against lawsuites that they all will be broke shortly. I would guess that people who want the US to disolve into a group of failed states are behind this. McCain, who I used to support, has once again shown his willingness to do anything to get elected by supporting this at the last moment. Illegal immigration is a big problem,but this bill will do nothing to stop it. It will cost the state of AZ millions of dollors and make the state a laughing stock.
Right now I back the Idea of the boycott, unless someone is giving me a ticket
I was reading about it and what confused me is it says you have to carry your immigration papers. What if they stop you and you are a natural born citizen. I don't have immigration papers. Please put a saw in the cake.
It's hard not to think of Germany during the 30s. Thick German accent "Ver are your Papers?" Who said it can't happen here?
It's organized crime that is driving the murder rate to over twice the national average rate in Phoenix. Car theft is about 3x the national average. Sounds like harsh measures taken by desperate people to me. When my son went hitchhiking across the US he would get stopped and asked to show his ID. On more than one occasion. So I don't have a huge problem with someone from another country carrying an ID. Or having a visa. I think I would be treated rather badly in thier country if I couldn't produce an ID/passport for the police.
Now these guys, I worry about!
I get the creeps everytime I hear or read about this. Shades of Nazi Germany and the 2nd World War. Next we'll all have to wear a big letter L for Legal on our cloths.
Here is a clip by my favorite TV news person.

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

I wonder how many of the people supporting this law have illegals doing their yard work. If they really want to do something about illegal immigration they should arrest the people who hire them. No jobs, no illegals. Of course that will not happen because the employers are making a fortune using cheap labor.
Pickle, I agree, but having spent some time in Southeast AZ. I can truthfully say. Many people who iive in that area are somewhat "Different". "Wacko" is the term that comes to mind.




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