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While sitting here waiting for my car to be fixed. I am trying to think pleasent thoughts.
And since Pru isn't on tbd at the moment, I'm having to be creative. So,,,, engaging in stimulating, humorous discusions; being with people I really like; hooking a "big one'; watching a really good movie, such as, any Coen Brothers film; playing with my dog, Happy; really good beer; meeting other tbd ers; talking to "that special someone". These are a few of my favorite things.

What are some of yours? We could include the ones that you can't do any more, but why dwell on the past?

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Talking with someone who 'gets' me and my weird sense of humor
Having my friends gather 'round me
Finding just the right word
Feeling my cat snuggled against me when I wake up
Listening to good music
Laughing so hard I can't stop
Finding a big edible mushroom for dinner

I know there's more
I’m thinking about a huge peppermint ice cream on a waffle cone.
Wooden roller coasters are the best. Nice pics Robie
They make that "clickety-clack" sound that sounds like things are falling off!! The wooden one here at Lagoon is a fav. of mine. I like the name of Robbies though..."The Hurler"..LOL
A few:
That smell in the early morning, of dew on the yards on my way to work.
A dollar movie with Hannah just so we have an hour or so together.
A yummy BBQ with the parental units (laughing just happens).
Kim and I just hanging around OUR yard and making it nice for US.
Saturday mornings stretching out in my Cali. King pillowtop bed and watching cartoons until I get up and make breakfast...and crawl back into bed to watch more toons.
Puppies and Kittens pretty much rock too!!

Very Nice...
Hearing the birds singing.
A clear, crisp morning.
Dew on the grass.
Beautiful flowers.
My family over for a great picnic, all laughing and having a great time. This is my all-time favorite thing.
to steal from Tom T. Hall
little bady ducks
Old pickup trucks
tomatoes from the vine
slow moving train
little county steams
mid summer dreams
coffee in a cup
little fuzzy pup
and you (not you Garry)
Nice Pickle
Little fuzzy pup? He means Teebubba!
BIG Dog Shows.




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