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Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has been caught in a firestorm that appears likely to undermine his political viability. His sin? He was actually caught telling the truth. Gasp.

Harry's problem stems from the fact that certain truths are no longer allowed to be uttered in the public square. As former Harvard president Lawrence Summers found out in 2005 when he dared to point out that men and women had differing proclivities for math and science.

That factual comment was enough to get him fired. After being forced to issue multiple public mea culpas for offending the sensitivities of feminist elites by challenging their fallacious dogma of male-female sameness, Summers was forced to fork over a cool $50 million to feminist studies groups as penance. That'll teach him.

Harry Reid's sin is worse. He dared to not only notice, but comment upon, 'the Negro dialect.' You know, the dialect skilled politicos mimic when addressing black churches. The dialect currently in use by young black men struggling to show that they haven't joined Uncle Sam's plantation. The dialect that is clearly associated with a certain skin color.

Harry made the very astute observation in the run-up to the 2008 election that then presidential candidate Barack Obama had a chance of winning because he was both "light-skinned" and didn't speak with a "Negro dialect." By daring to point out what every American knows is true, Reid finds himself on the hot seat.

Talking heads and pontificating pundits are all atwitter. How dare he acknowledge the obvious! The networks are calling back all those racial experts we thought had been retired since Obama a, gasp, black man, was elected as president. How terribly delicious.

It seems everyone has an opinion on Harry's opinion. The opinion no-one is voicing however, is the acceptance of the underlying premise that acknowledging cultural differences automatically makes one 'racist.' But only when dealing with Negroes.

The leftists celebration of multiculturalism mandates that to be considered evolved, one must not only pay homage to, but actively celebrate cultural differences. But the rules stipulate that what might be perceived as negative traits must be ignored. It gets kinda confusing.

The message here is that blatant lies are preferred to uncomfortable facts. Better to bamboozle voters with phony health care figures and vows of transparency than dare to voice an uncomfortable truth.

And a truth it is. Human nature dictates that people tend to gravitate towards and feel comfortable with people that are similar to themselves. Whether they live in tribes in Africa or the suburbs of Los Angeles.

And Reid knows, as do most Americans, that if Obama's skin was black as coal and he spoke ebonics, there would be absolutely no chance he could be elected President. This is a fact that directly challenges liberal orthodoxy. To acknowledge it would expose the fallacy of the leftists' new, improved version of reality. And that's a big no-no. So poor Harry will have to be burned at the stake in order to keep alive the false illusion that all races and cultures are equal.

The silver lining is, it couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

Nancy Morgan is a columnist and news editor for RightBias.com
She lives in South Carolina

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