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So, I'm sitting at the computer at the public library. I'm seated next to Arthur368, a regular at the library. Brian, the head librarian, is here today. He's wearing a very interesting necktie. It features a map of the District of Columbia. You have to get close to the tie to discern what it is.

It's now official. I will be spending two weeks in Atlantic City in early August. I leave on the morning of Monday August 3rd and will return on Friday August 14th. My sister has a condo at the beach, right on the boardwalk. The window of her condo looks out over the Atlantic Ocean. I stayed there last summer for the first time, and I loved getting up in the morning and going out to the balcony and looking at the beach and the ocean. Fabulous!

I borrowed a CD from the library yesterday which I really enjoyed listening to again and again. The CD contains a selection of Franz Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsodies for piano. I love piano music, especially the piano music of Schumann, Schubert, Chopin, Beethoven, and Liszt: the great 19th century romantics.

I retired at age 37 and am now 55. I consider this to be a very content time of my life. My stormy, Faustian early years are done. I now live, as the Germans say, "like God in France." And I owe it all to one man, Bob Strauss!

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