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a deductive process

whilst fulfilling the 3 Sss'

ahh smell me

you're all a bunch of

philanthropic misanthropes

when You finally

climb down out of Your tree

what do you get done

you disagree

mood amidst flux

get ye some emotional detox

much ado about Versailles

what have you been taught

with your taunts

and bad thoughts

reflections of your will

they take root in your vaults

pull the rope too taut

and it fails


will we ever get this boulder

up that hill

grey matter growing pains

better pour us another Bourbon

toast this futile battle faught

my temples have set sail

for fertile fields lost

sometimes ya just

gotta take a breather

it continues to amaze Me

what a good shit and a shave

can do for ones reliant resolve

not to mention general outlook

throw in a shower

and You got a deal

My submission to the process

apostrophic and diatrob

and every dot and tittle

diadromantic dizzy spells

a lot is not a little

diademonics in Your head

can't stop to start this riddle

as water seeks its own level

I should like to find Those

whose thought process' are derived

by quenching their thirsty wonder

from similar springs & swirling pools.

all in due process tamajaq

hope You got the transmittal

spiritual hegemonies

this is the plot; be civil

a time and times and half a time

with every dot and tittle


smell me.

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Comment by Michael J Masiko on February 20, 2010 at 10:23am
ps. my sister just informed me
that for women we need to add a forth 's' ...




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