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What Do You Think About Cybercrime?

I recently found out that Cybercrime profits are higher then profits of illegal drug trafficking. According to president Obama, there were 8 billion dollars stolen from Americans only in the last 2 years.
Last year the price of repairing hijacked consumer systems has risen to 11 billion dollars.
How protected are you from cybercrime? I know

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Comment by Alla on October 28, 2009 at 5:34pm
This is very interesting, Ray. I noticed some problems with IE 8. The start takes a very long time, I downloaded it a couple of times but it comes kind of 'naked', some options are missing. I don't use it anymore. I became very picky about the browsers: I don't like any of them. I find a lot of things wrong with Chrome, Safari, Opera. I like only Mozilla Firefox. I added so many add-ons that every once in a while it falls asleep and I have to restart it. What browsers do you like, Ray and everybody who happens to see this discussion?
Comment by RayDane on October 28, 2009 at 4:56pm
Yes Alla you never know what's waiting for us in the wings. LOL

As I mentioned, I buy the Symantec Internet Security suite. I've also used some of the products you've mentioned and more to double check every so often. The only items that may be left are a cookie or two. And those are from my trusted sites. In fact, I've just renewed my subscription online. This is the third year for this product. No problems as yet.

In fact, recently i tried to download IE 8. There was a bug. Symantec had a problem with it when I tried to launch and wouldn't let me. It was a Phishing error. FYI, IE changed their "philosophy" for phishing in version 8. They don't even call it that anymore.
Comment by Alla on October 28, 2009 at 3:28pm
I used to buy AntiVirus. In 2008 my computer went nuts. No matter what I was doing it was sooooo sloooow. Norton was updated regularly and it was always on. I called Norton and they scanned my computer. They found Trojan and told me about it. I asked how that happened if the antivirus software was running on the computer. There was no answer. Some time went buy. My computer starting acting up again. I started looking for utilities to use. That's when I bought registry cleaner, discovered CCleaner, Spybot, Malwarebyte Anti-Malware, Eusing Free Registry Cleaner, free AVG. In the process of running these software packages new Trojans and other viruses were discovered on my computer. They were removed and I had log. That's how I got disappointed with Norton.

Which Norton products do you use, Ray? And how come you are so sure that you have no problems? What if they are just sitting there waiting for .... who knows what, lol.
Comment by RayDane on October 28, 2009 at 11:17am
I think an Internet passport can help a few, but it has the potential to hurt many. To me, it's just another form of the "Big Brother is watching you" philosophy. I guess it just depends if you're a type x manager/person or a type y. One doesn't trust people at all, until they prove themselves as trustworthy. The other trusts people right out of the chute, unless they give them a reason not to.

BTW Alla, which Norton product were you using that allowed the trojans? There are many anti-malware tools and removers out there that I have used and continue to test. I have never had an issue with Symantec and a couple of others. It may have been the wrong package for the wrong application. There are bargain products that provide minimal support, and comprehensive products, which I need. Good discussion.
Comment by Alla on October 28, 2009 at 10:22am
And what do you think about the idea of everybody having an 'Internet Passport'? I sure understand where the idea came from. Everybody had a passport in USSR. Even though it sounds like a great idea, it can also be very dangerous if everybody knows all information, because vulnerable people might suffer: women, older people, singles. Not worried about children though, parents will be responsible.
Comment by Alla on October 28, 2009 at 10:04am
1HappyMelody. There was a problem, that's why I am not mentioning the name here. You can go to my page, look for my website, once you are there, look for 2nd article on the page about Kaspersky.

Ray711, I never tried McAfee. Norton failed me several times. Trojans thrived on my computer when I used Norton. I switched to Kaspersky. Trojans are dead on my computer so far. I was afraid that Kaspersky support would suck. Besides, there is something else that bothers me about Kaspersky. They do not want any other security software on the computer besides their software.

I found that various companies define errors differently. What one company considers to be a problem, OK with another company. There was time when I ran several security softwares on my computer just to get rid of certain problems and keep it clean. CCleaner is one of the best ones, and it is free.

Now with Kaspersky I do feel kind of safe, but deep down I have doubts. But at least I feel safe about Trojans - they don't let them in. Now they introduced a new feature - onscreen keybord. I think it is great for accessing banks online. Keyboard is not used and key strokes are not logged in.

Today I have the power to sell the software.
Comment by RayDane on October 28, 2009 at 9:11am
Alla, good topic. My security people have done a lot of research on the various malware tools out there. For desktop, servers, network, wireless, you name it. Everyone out there will have a different opinion about what products are "Best." I have grown to rely on two sources for input. My staff, and Gartner Group. Gartner is an objective IT research company. The largest and most respected in the industry. Their most recent analysis shows that the top 4 companies for "Endpoint Protection Platforms" are Symantec, McAfee, Trend Micro and Sophos. Kaspersky is considered a "Challenger" but still has some issues to resolve before becoming a "Leader," such as the other four."

I tried Kaspersky, on desktops and servers. Unfortunately, I found it strong with basic functionality, but lacking is some other features. Also, their technical support was a major disappointment. FYI, I use Symantec in our Corporation, and I personally use Symantec Internet Security at home for my desktops and wireless laptop. Just my opinion. And no, I don't work for or gain value from any vendor of security products or any other technology products. I am just a long time customer who has tried many, many things.
Comment by Alla on October 27, 2009 at 8:09pm
Cardan, thanks. I am just testing what the mods are going to do with links.

Norton is not good. About the software. This guy, Kaspersky, he graduated from a cryptology college supported by KGB. Actually, I never heard of anyone else that graduated from that college. I believe, his company created the best security software.



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