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untapped natural resources of underdeveloped countries ought to be tapped

The wealth of a nation
is in the wellbeing of its people,
both spiritually and materialistically.
It's not a question of lowering our standards
but of helping others to raise theirs.
If all people everywhere could be content
and their living standards even
and compatible with ours,
there would be no envy in the world
and, therefore, less provocation of war.
When you encourage and help people
to develop their own natural resources,
you do more than put bread in their mouths,
you put dignity in their hearts.

from ~ That Touch of Mink

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Comment by Michael J Masiko on January 25, 2010 at 8:04am
Yo Paul, Yea, a bit pie in the sky but I was watching 'That Touch of Mink' (Doris Day/ Cary Grant) and when He delivered the above spiel I was flabbergasted. I Love this movie and must have seen it more than a dozen times and yet this scene had never stood out before. It is such the masterly spin of reality. Have You ever read John Perkins 'CONFESSIONS of an ECONOMIC HIT MAN' ? If not ... check it out. I found it most enlightening.
Comment by caseyjo on January 24, 2010 at 4:56pm
Some people know how to put good ideas out there without alienating others..You are one of those people. I can take a lesson...Thanks Michael



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