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Together (A Song for Haiti) by high school students

This song made me tearful. It is usually during the aftermath of a great tragedy, that we can experience an outpouring of love which characterizes the best facet of our humanity- Oneness. I remember attending the vigil near the Gramercy Park area(located less than a couple of miles from ground zero) a few days after 9/11. I've never experienced such a overwhelming feeling of unity and love for the grief of others and for the loss of loved ones. My brother lost his best friend in one of the towers.

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Comment by Golanv on January 24, 2010 at 5:58pm
Thank you Marciel. This is indeed a beautiful song and I am so glad to see it. My dad just called last night and suggested writing one for the people of Haiti, that it is needed. I really like the way this one is done; the format reminded me of Simon and Garfunkel's "Silent Night 7:00 News" which had such a huge impact on me in high school. You have just worked a miracle on me as I watched this, and I thank you. I was feeling so jaded, remembering my few years of teaching, and I voiced a negative opinion of some students the other day because they just seemed so unaware. I made a remark about some kids missing an incredible experience because they had to run off immediately after dropping their paperwork on the floor to listen to head banging music. I stayed and met Kathy Mattea, talked with her about "Coal", nonviolent communication, working together, all people being One; they missed the opportunity. Reminded me of some of my students but I felt badly about my attitude later. This song just restored my faith and made me remember the major majority of my students who kept me coming back to that nutso job for so long. Ones like these. I have been listening lately to some of the negative music that is out there today for teens, since I like to write positive, and I desperately needed a change. This does my heart good to see something like this. I too remember 911, had some friends who worked at ground zero afterwards. When I think about how I felt then and realize the numbers involved now, it is difficult to wrap my head around the sheer magnitude of the disaster. I agree that our best facet is Oneness. It is when we work together that we do our best. Mitakuye Oyasin ('We are all related.' One)



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