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Dang this looks like fun......Totally. Meetups are starting all over the place. There are members in my neighborhood....Paintdancing.com would be a start for anyone interested.

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Comment by Golanv on November 16, 2009 at 3:47pm
Wow! Thank you for the info. I am blown away; I guess I've been a 'paint dancer' for a long time. Is like someone was looking in my studio windows. But I never thought of taking it further than my lessons, like this dude did at paintdancing.com. I've always danced and painted to loosen up first or feel better and it is wonderful. But some really fine art can come out of it too. I started using it in teaching art when I had a student come in to cancel a lesson back in '93 because he was so bummed. I put this song on, which is what I believe to be best guitar rift ever, loud, and showed him how I paint to get in good mood. He painted all through his lesson and the next one, got the 13 year old involved who came in for lesson, his dad jumped in, and so did I. The trick is to have plenty of paper ready to grab and know when to lay it aside to work on it later and some of the results are fabulous. So free, and this can be combined with tighter techniques like pen and ink or intricate brushwork later as you look at what you have and what you can see in it. Invitation is still open to come up and paint / paint dance. Perhaps it is time to start this up again and begin paint dancing here in the Smokies; I almost have new studio ready to do lessons again. This song, the rift, is universal language to me. Is so perfect for slinging watercolor or paint from brush. Grab some paint and have some fun. Love and Light All Ways ~ Raven

Comment by Fanny on November 16, 2009 at 12:07pm
omg what a blast!!!!! I so want to play......



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