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I am a simple person who left school before I graduated because a group of my piers would not stop bullying me..attacking me. I went back and got my GED several years ago when I was told I was a shoe in..I never knew it. I always thought I was less than. It has taken me much of my adult life to understand there is no real absolute good or bad, right or wrong..That it is all only perception.

The banding together of men to prove they are right or to combat what they believe to be evil is simply a matter of perception and how many people you can gather of like mind to prove a point..The more people with bigger weapons usually win in the end. Does winning mean they are right?..No..It only means they won the fight because there were more of them...

I just got to thinking....If there were basic (I think there are) rules of nature for humans what do you ladies and gentlemen think they are? I'm not talking religious law...I'm talking about the way we would behave if....lets say...There were no God or devil. If you were to write your own rules what would they be?

My # 1 is "Don't take more than I need in life". Most animals kill only what they need for survival sake...Humans kill way more than they need, and they also kill for pure sport and recognition of power, some even kill just for fun.

My # 2 Treat other people like I would like to be treated.

My # 3 Remember that right or wrong, good and evil, is in the eye of the beholder. There is no absolute true right or wrong, but there are things I can do to live with others to better help society to grow...Respect the fact we are all different.

My # 4 Stay out of my face and I will stay out of yours...Respect the privacy of others

My # 5 Share with others in need, if I end up with more than I need.

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Comment by caseyjo on December 2, 2009 at 4:19pm
I am not in love anymore..I don't think I ever was...but I do care. As I said before, fear of change can really wreck havoc on a persons life...That and finances and he takes care of my huge yard and the dog until he died last month....Oh how I miss my Hobo.
Comment by caseyjo on December 1, 2009 at 9:20pm
Awe Phil You are so kind..always...My perception of what you have just told me is.. it makes no difference really, what makes a difference is you are happier..able to deal with life in a easier softer way. Just the fact you have even questioned your own perception of reality, tells me you have a healthy mind...you are able to soul search...I think people who soul search are better able to truly love.

When I am home I use the internet as my escape from reality...having to watch someone you care about drink themselves to death is not a easy life. When the beauty you see in life disappears because the eyes you look into (the eyes of someone who should love you & help you) disappear into the bottom of a very deep dark bottle of emptiness, delusion, and denial, life can become a sort of hell.

I use the freedom of the animals to guide me and to show me what I believe my true nature to be..I am also able to see by watching the animals why we have so much mental illness in our world and they do not...What I see is we are very far removed from out true natures as man...The more rules, regulations..etc, etc, etc, we have to live by... the further removed we will become. The closer to nature we remain, the easier life will be.

I am happiest when I am on the nature trail with a little sun on my face, A gentle breeze against my back helping me along..The dancing of the dragon flys on top of the lake, the lazy alligators sunning themselves ...I am in a paradise...looking for hints small creatures have left behind of their lives in the woods....little paths for me to follow...Little paths of freedom. I am happy there.
Comment by caseyjo on November 30, 2009 at 11:02am
Right on Animak.....One thing though...I think people would do better without it........Some people say we are all connected...I don't know if we are or not, but I feel if we can manage a sort of mindset of the importance of thought connection with each other , the animals, and the earth, we would all live a lot longer and be a lot healthier in the mind , spirit , & body......Awe...If only...I can dream though...I can & will carry on my own part in the scheme or non scheme of things....You are very wise.
Comment by caseyjo on November 29, 2009 at 8:43pm
I have something on my mind here...Something that continues to bug me for some reason...actually I know the reason...Because I have given it power over me....My continuous outpouring of my own wisdom is purposely put out there for the people who consider themselves to be almost pure. The ones who perceive others ( who do not see things their way) to be evil. Seems to me they also put out thoughts that they need to band together to weed out the evil in the world or they will fail in all their goodness and glory.....

I suppose I look at these people as if they (in a small way) believe they are Gods themselves. I am curious as to what kinds of lives they would lead if they found out (hypothetically speaking) there were no higher powers?.....I have heard people say without Gods rules there would be pandemonium, but I do not think so..

I think we have a natural ability, unwritten law, the natural laws of nature built right into us (just like the animals) to work, and feed ourselves and our young, and make shelter, etc, etc, without killing each other off....If the animals (who most consider to be lower life forms) can do it without concepts of Higher powers, why cant humans (supposedly higher life forms) live productive lives without higher powers?

Hey..I'm getting better at "Live & let live"..I am growing at such a fast rate and that is partly because of all the good and negative input I get here on TBD....Its just such a great learning experience...Thank-you Animak...slow and gentle...what a concept....Little laugh.



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