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The Land Beyond the Forest 2

MaMa went home after three days after Sue agreed that MaMa's wounds were healing nicely. Márta enjoyed her time with Sue but she was yearning to get back into her own kitchen. There were things to be done and places to go. She missed her own routine. Miau her gray tabby would be missing her very much. Miau was quite independent but really loved her little saucer of cream every morning. MaMa also missed Andrei. He was her beau. Andrei lived down the road from Márta. They had their own homes and lived in them alone but they did everything together. Gardening, eating the dinner meal, walking in the woods hunting for, nuts, mushrooms and wild herbs.

He had not been with her on the day the wood pile fell onto her small body. He was out riding his horse hunting for wild birds. Shelly was the one that took MaMa to the doctor. She knew Andrei was not around to help Márta. When Andrei returned he saw a note on his door to go to Shelly's home and talk to George.

George, Shelly's husband, was laid up with a broken leg. He was healing well but could not drive yet. He filled Andrei in on Márta's accident.

Today Jim and Sue took Márta to her home. Almost everything was the same in the kitchen except for a new telephone. This new one she could carry from room to room. She liked that quite a bit and the color was red so she could find it if lost.

The loose flagstone around her kitchen stove and wood box had also been repaired. Outside her wood pile had bee stacked lower and there was a little wagon she could pull in and out to get wood to replenish the kitchen stove. Jim and and Andrei had also tidied up the garden bringing in a few vegetables for use. Shelly and George were there to greet Márta.

Jim and Sue decided to ride Shelly and Georges horses out to the land behind the forest. Andrei and Márta doubled up on one horse and went with them. They headed towards the Transylvanian Plateau. They all decided that some day, after Márta was healed and Shelly's husband George could walk well again the six of them would ride back and explore the caves together.

Back at Márta's Shelly's husband had made some Lángos (fried dough) that is similar to Southwest Indian Fry Bread. Shelly made Goulash soup using onions, caraway seeds, one pound beef shoulder. Sweet paprika,potato, carrot, garlic, tomatoes, parsley and beef broth. When the four horse riders returned they smelled the delicious aroma of Shelly's Goulash soup.

Miau the gray tabby even had a tiny bowl of broth. Márta sat in hr rocker for a few minutes then fell asleep. Sue and Jim went home and Andrei said he would stay the night with Márta. He knew she would try to send him home but he would say he was under strict orders of her son and daughter in law to stay.

Back home Sue started the fire inside while Jim went outdoors to check on their chickens. They might have a light dinner later on with strong coffee. Jim got out his cobza and strummed while Sue sang:

On the heights of the rainbow
On the heights of the rainbow

There is a bloomed lily

She don't like her place

She wants to hide away.

She must be taken of there,

She must be replaced somewhere.

She must be taken of there,

She must be replaced somewhere.

I'd do anything

for my father, for my mother.

I'd scoop

all the foam of the sea.

I'd collect all the pearls

of the seabed.

Although I'd wreathe

a pearl girdle for my flower.

Hours and minutes

will become pearls.

I'd collect them

and I'd strew them away.

In the splitting ground

I'm waiting to come.

To bring me rain

and purifier clouds.

Falling raindrops

on the waves of the sea,

Let's just drift away

towards my precious flower.

Before retiring for the night they talked about MaMa. Sue wanted Jim to try to get her to move in with them. She was worried about her being alone at her house. Jim said she was not alone she had Andrei and Shelly and George.

“Sue, MaMa has Andrei to look after her.” said Jim.

“Yes but Andrei lives down the road from Márta. He is not in the house with her.” replied Sue.

“Sue, believe me MaMa has Andrei to look after her.” whispered Jim.

“Oh, really at their ages. Then I will not worry about her anymore” whispered Sue.

Jim set his cobza down and led his wife towards their bedchamber.

You are special,
because you
know how to give
everything to
a family to make
every member
feel blessed.

©Julia A Knaake

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