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That which we call a Bimbo, by any other name...


1. a foolish, stupid, or inept person.
2. Disparaging and Offensive. an attractive but stupid young woman

The Great Alaskan Quitter was in town yesterday signing copies of "her book"...in other words, 300+ pages of blame and finger pointing written by some (well paid, I hope) ghost writer. This, of course, begs the question

1) Why would you buy a book signed by someone who didn't write it?
2) Are Bimbos so scarce in society that you have to stand in line over night to see one in the flesh?

Now I understand that The Great Alaskan Quitter has decided that she's an expert on another topic other than "energy". That, of course, is global warming.

Perhaps The Great Alaskan Quitter should go spend the winter on the Tundra or in an Inuit lodge. The elders there, many of whom don't read or write and have very limited education, would teach this empty husk a great deal about global warming and what the direct effects are...perhaps then she can debate it with some depth instead of parroting the GOOP party line.

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Comment by Madhatterat60 on December 12, 2009 at 9:35am
I dunno Jenna Jamison, but I'm guessing she probably wouldn't have any problems listing the books/newspapers she's read.



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