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I finally got a vacation from my job at Lazboy and it is so hot! I work 50 plus hours a week...so here I am thinking awww...finally a couple of days to myself...and it has been so hot that all I have done is sleep. The funny thing is Syracuse has been so cold that this has almost been the summer that never was!

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Comment by Ernie Sacman on August 5, 2009 at 3:57pm
San Jose, CA is not exactly Paradise, but from the way you described Syracuse's weather, San Jose IS Paradise haha. And if San Jose is not good enough, there's always the beaches of Santa Cruz or Monterey which are less than an hour away. So come on down Ruthie, take the next plane to California before this beautiful weather expires.

I'm so happy to become your friend. Oeace and Goid bless.




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