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Redskins Cheerleader Permanently Disabled by Flu Shot

Desiree Jennings, 26, was a healthy Washington Redskins cheerleader who was training for a marathon when she was stricken with permanently debilitating symptoms following a flu shot administered in a local grocery store.
Here's her story in two parts.

(I had two video clips, but neither of them would post.)

Doctors have diagnosed her with Dystonia, a disabling disease for which there is no cure. Although the reports state that Desiree's reaction is rare, it doesn't make it any less significant and shouldn't diminish the deleterious impact on her future quality of life and of the lives of those around her.

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Comment by OCNaturalDoc on November 9, 2009 at 10:00am
people believe in whatever training they have and sometimes close their minds to anything new. i never felt like i 'knew it all' when i got my undergraduate degree....it was just another step to experience which lead to another course of study. life can keep moving or it can just stagnate.

i don't know anything about your report, but i do know there are many ways the body will cure itself when given what it needs to heal.
Comment by Nick Danger on November 9, 2009 at 8:46am
Oh, just a little update. it seems this whoe deal was pure, 100%, unadulterated bulls**t!

it turns out that Ms Jennings has been miraculously "cured" by a doctor who advocates, among other things urine injections and who has been censured any number of times by various medical boards and is facing a number of charges of malpractice and selling hoakum, in the form of his famed "Chelation cream.

More enlighted physicians, who actually have a medical track record, claim that this whole deal was puire self-promotion, akin to balloon boy.

But you never hear about that, do you?
Comment by Alendar on October 18, 2009 at 8:11pm
I'm not sure why OCNaturalDoc is so against vaccinations and inoculations. In any collection of similar events there are almost always outliers. I'm sure there is a small percentage of people who have gotten ocular cancer from their 22" ViewSonic flat screen monitors, but many people blithely continue to operate their computers and socially network. The sun must kill millions, and yet people brave the sun in the faint hope of reaching their cars - which kill even more people. Or brain cancer from cell phones, that actually worries me, and yet like a trained rat I still answer the phone when it rings. The bacteria in my shower head will probably kill me dead, and yet I stubbornly persist in wetting myself each morning. I bet people drown in showers when water goes down the wrong way, or the heat triggers an inflammatory response in someones lungs, or a virus on a toilet seat kills them, or the radon in their deodorant, or a fiber from their ceiling, or a splinter from their door, or the PVC in the flooring interacts with their feet.

I may actually be dead right now.
Comment by blondie 11 on October 18, 2009 at 7:40pm
my entire family gets flu shots. I have a daughter that has a phobia about needles, and one really bad case of the flu two years ago, now this year she will get the shot every year since then. She is an attorney and researches everything. I guess if we all get dystonia, the cats will spend all the money. Such is life.
Comment by Alendar on October 18, 2009 at 7:30pm
That's true. I'm taking my son to get his flu shot tomorrow. Sure hope he doesn't get Dystonia.



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