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Hi there how long has it been since we last spoke? Oh it must have been sometime now I bet. As you know from the last time that I had always wondered why you gave me this gift that at first seemed to be so wonderful and powerful,but yet i now seem to be asking you please take them away from me.Everyone is always saying that it was fiven to you for a reason but it always seems that when The moment happens that It becones to painful as well.Oh so many times I saw it coming and wondered if it was real or not but when it did I began to ask myself " did i create it because i saw it happen or it happened because i saw it"Now that has been the question the last few years.Now all of a sudden I am leaving my body to transport myself to someone so close to me.To feel and touch them not sure if they know I am there feeling their warmth of the body and soul.It became a question which was ansewered when I had asked them the questions that needed proof of my visit,and sure enough they looked at me with such surprise that I just wanted to dissapear because it was getting to strong for me to control.Is this why the emptyness in my soul has been there for sometime now because of the need to help others with this or is it due to the sadness I feel for others for the lack of time to help others? Or am I just a lost soul with a gift that has been going around in circles?MMMMM how I wonder why so much good has felt like so much pain.As I lisen to you speak in the wisper of the winds I hear you speak to me but it so soft and delicate that im not sure if I have heard you right,but it seems like I have for sometimes the heart hears what the ears can not ,Heart see through the darkness for which the eyes can not see in the light.For the heart speaks for which the mind is to cluttered to say.To may words for such a simple ansewer I would think,less said more done,for life seems to work better when one looks to the smaller hole thatn a larger one because to much seems to come through it with to many distractions so I think,be the owl look into the darkness when things are much more quieter,be wise ,swift and strong.

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