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I am purple!  
I'm not violet...I'm not lavender...I'm PURPLE!
I love to say the word purple...because it is me.
I'm deep as the color purple...
I am warm and easily envelop those I love 
in the warmth and protective environment of my color. 

Just as easily I can be a dense, dark, impenetrable wall 
which no one can get through.

I can vividly remember the kindergarten class 
in Springdale Elementary School, 
with the brightly decorated coffee can full of large primary crayons, 
which sat in the middle of a large table. 

I can see myself searching for the purple crayon 
which was so important to me...
and as I write this I can smell the special fragrance of that crayon...
it smelled purple!

I am purple...
half way between red and blue.  
The serenity of blue and the rage of red.  
One might observe I often drift one way or the other 
but all the time maintaining control 
over the powers I possess.
I guess, I could be your best friend or your worst enemy.  
But whatever I am...I do it with compassion.
Cosmo Civale


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