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"You cannot change what you will not admit.
In order to live fresh, you have to identify what
needs to be discarded. A superficial change
will not sustain your core values.
Examine honestly."

from the book of inspirational quotes..

What a difficult task. Early in the morning
I usually try to think about yesterday and
what I done, who I'd trespassed , who I
love the most, and what I need to do to
achieve peacefullness. always amount
to the same realization..every single day
is different from the one before..what can
we do for "yesterday", nothing really is
gone, to no avail....When can we do for
"tomorrow", nothing either..since
tomorrow is the future and we don't have
anything to do, except to wait..!!
So I decided to live this second, this
\moment to the fullest..love to love, love
to live in peace..!!

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